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Lancer Sales & Solutions

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A trained remote service provider, Lancer Sales & Solutions started in 2014 in Manila Philippines. Lancer Sales Philippines is being managed by John Bolland and James Bradford. The two friends first met in Japan while engaged in different consultations. Being friends for 10 years they saw a need to create a company when James transferred in Manila and John also got an opportunity to improve the work quality in the Philippines. Then they converged with a team of consultants with different specialization.

Lancer’s goal is to become a well-known provider of specialized remote services. Moreover, the company is focused on outbound Sales Support and inbound Back Office activities with a stream of satisfied clients who were able to reduce their production costs and an increase of revenues from their respective companies.

To exceed customer’s satisfaction, Lancer Philippines keeps on improving and persistently strives to be at its best all the time.

Lancer Sales & Solutions offers the following services:

  • Prospecting, Appointment Setting
  • Social Media Management
  • CRM Housekeeping Data, Clarification
  • Brand Building
  • Sales Team Mentorship
  • More Specialized Requirements

Employee Benefits
Lancer Philippines always strives for Quality!

  • The company does not look on their employees’ previous employers or work backgrounds but the Specialists look at employees’ personality and character.
  • People who work here are always engaged since day 1 and ensures they understand how business is being run.
  • The company creates a culture of openness where everyone should contribute their own ideas and offers feedback. The company sees problems as opportunities and looks for solutions.
  • Client trainings are always ready whenever available and makes sure requirements are met.
  • Employees are regularly updated of their own metrics since it is one of their performance indicators.

Lancer Sales & Solutions call center office location:

  • Lancer Makati
    2/f Makati Atrium Bldg.
    Makati Ave. Uradenta Village
    Makati City, Philippines

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