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How to Land a Job in a Call Center

Just like any other job, applying as a call center agent requires a bunch of things that you should do such as job hunting, resume building, interviewing etc. All of these processes contribute to the slim chances of you being hired, frankly speaking. This is due to the fact that numerous individuals, hundreds perhaps, will be applying and vying for the job. Competition will be fierce, and in the end only a handful among hopefuls will be hired. Although this is indeed a very dreadful statistic, there is no need to worry since there are plenty of ways to make yourself stand out amongst the crowd. Here are some tips which you could use to increase your chances in landing your chosen job.

Create a killer resume
What better way to showcase your abilities and capabilities than to make a resume. Not any kind of resume, but a killer one. Killer in a sense that your resume gets to lay down all your relevant personal and work information in the shortest way possible.

With the numerous hopefuls that queue up in a single job opening, it would be exhausting for the human resource department to sift through in detail all submitted applications. This is where your resume comes in. Focus only on relevant information that can help you in landing the job. For example, if you want to apply as tech support, you should not include your previous work experience as a food telemarketer. Rather, you could say that you have experience as a computer technician.

Additionally, make sure that your resume can be read in just 10 seconds without compromising content. This would greatly increase employer’s interest in your application. Let your creativity run wild in making your resume. There is no single template for making one. Just make sure that it would help in getting across the information that you want conveyed.

Study, Study, Study
Assuming that your resume was successful in getting through the preliminary stage, you should now be invited for your interview. Don’t be cocky and charge off to the interview without preparation though because frankly, having superb English skills is not enough. How then should you prepare for the interview? Simply enough, you should study the company’s profile in which you are applying for. Study its line of expertise and services offered. If possible, familiarize yourself with the company’s mission, vision and core values. By knowing all of this, you will be able to give an impression to your employers that you really are passionate and excited to work with them.

Aside from that, you can also prepare on potential questions that maybe asked by the interviewers. Websites such as Quora and Forbes provide material and articles that you can read to know common and likely questions that maybe asked, proper approach, proper posture etc. It is also interesting to note that Quora has access to numerous professionals who have had experience in applicant interviewing. This would be a great opportunity for you to ask some relevant questions to highly qualified individuals.

Dress for the Occasion
Not only do verbal and written skills get you the job, but also physical appearance too. In the interview, you should wear appropriate clothes that will give the employers a professional impression on you. Since this is for a call center job, then it will be appropriate if you choose semi-formal attire. Being too casual, will call you off as unprofessional while being too formal will make you look like a try-hard. Proper grooming and an appropriate haircut for men would be a plus. For women, light make up and of course, proper grooming is essential in giving out a good first impression to employers.

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