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Land Prime FSP

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Land Prime FSP (Financial Services Provider) is a call center company that provides supports to financial service in Foreign Exchange Margin Trading that especially caters market in New Zealand. It is not an outsourcing company but a financial service provider in New Zealand. The main service of the company is Foreign Exchange Margin Trading, a strategic financial management solution for increasing the possible return on investment by the use of margin accounts. In which case, investors invest in equities by utilizing the leverage of borrowed money to regulate in making their investments which won’t be able to achieve using their own invested capital. The margin accounts are controlled and managed by investor’s broker and are settled daily in cash. These margin accounts can also used be used for investing in the forex market, which is what Land Prime FSP provides.

Land Prime FSP essentially serves as the regular broker or forex discount broker of investor that sets up margin account, which is used for uses for foreign exchange investment. The account is like a short-term loan from Land Prime FSP.

Land Prime FSP is essentially engaged in communicating with clients answering phone inquiries, chatting with them through phone or via email. Because changes in the forex market changes 24 hours a day, the services are available 24/7. The call center provides customer services assistance to clients.

Land Prime FSP in the Philippines is a newly start up financial services provider that is based in New Zealand. The growth of the company essentially relies on the growth of its clients. Most of its agents are financial experts and financial graduates who are familiar with financial investment. Although all agents are still provided rigid training to learn the ins and outs of forex exchange margin trading.

Land Prime FSP call center office address:

  • Land Prime Makati
    50 Polaris st.
    Bel-Air Village
    Makati City, Philippines

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