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What is Language Assessment?

Language testing or language assessment is a fully peer-reviewed. It is the method on how to gauge the student’s knowledge and know how and what they can do more. It is base on international, quarterly journals that publish the unique research that was done and later review the articles on the language testing. They give public forum in terms of exchanging different thoughts and information between the two concern parties that works in the fields of first and second language testing and of evaluation.

Language assessment is an element of a system for establishing what is the condition of the economy, province, state that will create as the structure for teaching. The English as a First Language (EFL) and the English as a Second Language (ESL) researches and the practitioners testing are the one who assess in the child language acquisition and language pathology. The language assessment should be based on Language Policies and the Language Content Standards. On the other hand, exclusive attention is given in focusing in terms of issues of testing theory, experimental investigations or the first hand experiment and the following of practical implications.

In order for the studies to expect better results they set a language Performance Standard to become a better learner. This is very important mainly because they wanted to know which areas and levels of performance the students will be examined and assess in determining their level of learning. Also aside from the other experimental test also includes the cover listening, speaking, reading, writing, or the cultural understanding.

The first works in language assessment in the US dated in the year of 1950’s. It was studied and created by Robert Lado and David Harris. It was the Test of English as a Foreign Language or the TOEFL that started it which was launched in 1961, by the Educational Testing Service ETS, until now the TOEFL still in use in the market and available in the internet based-format.

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