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LBS Recruitment Philippines

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LBS e-Recruitment Solutions is an global recruitment that specializes in manpower supply of multi-level professionals and skilled workers in management positions and operational positions especially in the following industries, Oil and Gas Exploration, Infra-structure, Construction, Design Engineering and Architectural, Telecommunication, Manufacturing Firms, healthcare, travel and Hospitality Companies. LBS Recruitment Solutions Corporation is a top Philippine agency for the placement of professional and technically skilled workers across the globe especially in Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East, North America, Africa and Asia.

LBS Recruitment Philippines maintains a large database of applicant professionals of varied expertise and experiences and match them to specific careers and professions as required by its client companies. LBS conducts a rigid screening and pre-selection process to guarantee that its employer clients only get the best and most qualified and competent employees for the success of the business operations. The company understands the backbone of every business rests on the human resources, which can make or break the success of an organization. Thus, LBS Recruitment Philippines has created a its proven method of recruitment so that its clients only get applicants are real experts on their respective fields.

LBS Recruitment Solutions specializes in the following industries, Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Geothermal Hydro, Coal and Renewable Energy, Overhead High Voltage, Chemical and Petrochemical Production Refinery and Distribution, construction of Highways and Bridges Desilination, Environmental Remediation, Land and Air Transportation, Ship Building and Repairs, Industrial, Commercial and Residential real estate development, Urban Development, Precision and Process Engineering, Concrete, Piping, Steel Welding, ITC including, Wireless Mobile and Fixed Line, Hardware and Software, Applications, Internet, Corporate, Banking, Insurance, Investment, Corporate, Advertising, PR, Events, Design, staffing Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Spas, Transportation and Logistics, healthcare and medical institutions.

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