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Things We Learn in the BPO Industry

Working in a call center is not necessarily anybody’s dream. It is sometimes a means to make ends meet. Currently, more than half of the population in a call center corporation joined because of this. Sadly, they sometimes do not see the fun in working in one. As they focus on earning, they forget to have fun and they constantly drag themselves to work each day. As the saying goes, work is not work when you enjoy it. Though I will not focus on fun alone, I believe it is best to point it out in this article. These people see past the learning’s as they focus on having things done. So what are the most common lessons we learn in call centers.

Letting people vent. Customers, especially in inbound interaction, call for support for issues they currently have. Since the product and/or the service failed, it is expected that the customers become frustrated and irate. Allowing them to vent will allow the frustration to subside. We can help customers by simply listening to them. By listening to them we find appropriate resolutions to their concerns. By resolving their concerns, frustrations will turn to gratitude.

Set customers’ expectations. In every interaction, it is best to set a customer’s expectation. With this, customers will not expect way too much from you. Without them expecting, they are less likely to get frustrated with the support and be patient enough to actually do what you are asking them to do.

Take care of the people around you. Once deployed in the BPO industry, you are most likely to be left on your own. As you deal with your customers alone, you are more likely to need the help of your team captain as well as your teammates. With this in mind, always take care of them as they will be the one to be beside you when you yourself is in need.

Try to sound diplomatic or knowledgeable. When customers call for support, they expect the person taking their call to know exactly what they are doing. Besides, you are called an Expert for a reason. In any kind of assistance, it is best to sound diplomatic or knowledgeable as this will increase your chances in gaining your customers trust and build rapport.

Love your job or at least be faithful to your option. As stressing as it gets, call center support involves a varied experience. Some learn to love their jobs and some go to work to get paid. When the latter is your sole purpose in going to work, at least be faithful to your option. With this, you are less likely to make error and more likely increase your job efficiency.

Learning the ins and outs of a call center takes a personal drive to the world of BPO’s. People outside the BPO will never learn the industry from hearsay. They will never learn about the job itself unless they are a part of it.

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