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Leekie Enterprises

Posted on January 30, 2017 | No Comments on Leekie Enterprises

Leekie Enterprises is established in the Philippines with their goals about providing support for Information Technology companies. Before, it has only a few number of workers, but then, with its management and some developments, Leekie Philippines has increased its employees with 200 staff and still growing. Basically, this company is made as an online gaming provider that is licensed to make transactions in the Philippines.

Leekie Enterprises also provides the most updated technological needs of the companies as well. They are continuously committing themselves in providing quality assistance needed by their clients. Moreover, the company also offers what is the best and latest for their gaming environment using the best and most updated technology.

This company has grown that much because of its goal in surpassing the typical technological services. It only offers the most recent, reliable, and cost-cut services in the region.

Leekie Enterprises provides the best customer service services to their clients. Therefore, they assign themselves in providing quality responses and communication to their client’s callers. All transactions needed to be dealt with are also processed through them. Moreover, they are filled with motivated and passion-driven workers. Hence, they are definitely geared and ready to deal with various tasks.

Aside from this, Leekie Enterprises also make the businesses transactions easy to deal with. They create technologies that make the system and process of every business worthwhile. Moreover, they continuously provide programs that allow its clients to be more productive and efficient. This service has been patronized by a lot of big companies. Hence, aspiring clients can always assure that what will they receive are just the best from the rest. Lastly, they offer this for an affordable and just price. There is totally lots of benefits in working with these people.

Why Should You Work Here
This is one of the most-sought after companies. It provides supplemental monthly and yearly compensation to its employees. Basically, this is complemented with healthcare benefits as well. They also provide an assisting service incentive leave. This works for employees who are into travelling. Moreover, they give fair and relevant training and hone their employees for their professional development as well. Lastly, there are also additional team building activities that promote a good environment to everyone. There are series of training given to their employees too. This definitely promotes a good team in the company. This is the secret in making the company grow even more.

Leekie Enterprises Philippines call center office address:

  • Leekie Makati
    24/F Burgundy Corporate Tower
    Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City

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