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Legal Transcription Job

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Transcription essentially pertains to the process of converting verbal information into writing. This can be done by listening to recorded audio data and writing it on paper as in the case of transcribing a meeting for preparing the minutes. Thus, transcription had been conventionally done by secretaries. Transcription however is not only restricted to business meetings. It is also applied in medical meetings, research experiments as well as litigation. However, the basic procedure of converting audio data to written information remains the same.

With the advent of the internet, transcription service has become one of the primary back door services that had been outsourced. Thus transcription jobs had become one of the most in demand BPO services in the Philippines. The different types of transcription services are basically classified according to the particular industry where the services are rendered. In as much as medical transcription refers to transcription relating to medical matters, legal transcription pertains to transcription done for legal matters.

This includes civil and criminal court proceedings, pleadings, hearings, testimonies, interrogations and cross examinations, among others. Legal transcription in integral in law because legal systems require hard copy documentation.

One really does not need any background or training in law to be a legal transcriptionist. However, it would be advantageous and beneficial if one has legal background because it allows one to be familiar with court proceedings and legal terms. Most clients also prefer workers with legal background so it would be better to get training to be more competitive in finding employment. Aside from introduction to legal terms and concepts, training also included listening and typing skills.

In the Philippines, it is also advisable to get training from accredited training centers because in most cases, these training centers also have the correct connections or network that can initially provide one their prospective clients.

Like other transcription jobs, legal transcriptionists need to have two basic skills. First of, is keen listening skills and second is very fast typing skills. Transcription jobs are often paid on a per page basis so the amount of money one can earn depends on the number of pages one can finish. Accuracy is important in doing the legal transcription because any change in term or language can have a great impact in the review of the case as well as on its decision. Inaccurate transcriptions can result to a gain or loss of meaning.

Hence, the transcriptionist must give extra caution in doing one’s job. Legal transcription is therefore a delicate job. Freelance legal transcription jobs are also available although it is rarely available for Filipinos. Legal transcription jobs are often outsourced to a trusted established company in bulks, which in turn hires Filipino transcriptionists to conduct the service. Such company has in house editors and QA specialists who in turn checks and evaluates the transcription before submission to the clients.

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    Hi. Do you have any part time job for me as a transcriptionist? As of now, I’am a legal secretary in a law office and currently looking for a part time job. Hoping for your prompt response. Thank you ! God bless !

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