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Lemontech Solutions

Posted on January 2, 2017 | No Comments on Lemontech Solutions

Lemontech Solutions provides the most accessible services and technology-related materials. In the field of information technology, they are definitely one of the best and finest when it comes to quality. Moreover, this company is composed of committed members who establish the most innovative services throughout the world. Lemontech Philippines strives to conform to the extraordinary demands of the information technology world. They never cease and get tired in providing quality products and services because they believe that these are the secrets in meeting the world class system of information technology.

Lemontech Solutions is an online shopping store made for those who are technologically advanced. This caters the needs of those internet-savvy people as well. With its various products, it has generated truly invaluable contribution to the information technology-based world. Some of its commendable services are the following:

Android Tablets – Tablets of different kinds are certainly of big help for those millennials who wish to have their own access to internet everywhere. It also allows its users to be more related and updated to what is latest.

Electronic Gadgets – This refers to the gadgets which are definitely of big help to the society. Whether it is the latest Android phone, or Apple phone, there will be always variations to these gadgets.

Wearable Devices – More people are getting health-conscious. For this very main reason, they tend to do workouts. There are also gadgets which are also assisting the owners in their preferred workouts, like jogging, running, or simple walking.

Computer Accessories – No matter what the accessories are, these are always available accessories for someone. In addition to this, everything is assured to be free from any defects. Compared to other computer accessories, these accessories are highly made of quality products. Hence, you should avail your needs here.

Why Should You Work Here?
If you wish to work in a BPO company which demands the typical portion of your time, then you should apply and work here. This company demands your Mondays to Fridays schedule only. You do not need to worry about your weekends, because your weekdays satisfy their workloads already. They also demand their employees to work with their casual clothes, like their shirts and jeans only. As long as it is decent, it is very fine. Lastly, Lemontech Solutions provides medical assistance to their employees. This definitely is a great help for their employees for whatever happens, assistance for their medicine is always provided. On the other hand, some athletic workers will enjoy their sports benefits like having privileges in the gym.

Lemontech Solutions call center office address:

  • Lemontech Fort Bonifacio
    10/F Fort Legend Tower
    31st St. cor. 3rd Ave.
    Bonifacio Global City
    Taguig, Philippines

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