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LexisNexis Philippines

Posted on April 21, 2021 | 1 Comment on LexisNexis Philippines

The power to shape the world is a matter of integrating the right technology and the right people. This is the underlying philosophy behind Lexis Nexis Philippines, a global leader in providing content-enabled workflow solutions designed particularly for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting, and academic markets to make their jobs more efficient, easier and more productive.

LexisNexis Philippines is a subsidiary of the Reed Elsevier Group plc which was founded in 1973. Lexis Nexis in the Philippines opened in February of 2011. The company pioneered in the provision of online information comprised of over 5 billion searchable documents from more than 32,000 legal, news and business sources, which professionals can manage, organize and integrate for their needs.

As a pioneer in providing information solutions, LexisNexis Philippines call center has developed patented products that simply, integrate and customized its service solutions. Among the renowned products of Lexis Nexis included the Accurint, Anti-Money Laundering Solution, Bridger Insight, Insurance Exchange, LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions and Martindale-Hubbell, among others.

Lexis Nexis call center flawlessly integrates IT to allow premium information sources. These sources are from authoritative legal-publishing brands that date back as far as 19th century such as Butterworths, Les Editions du Juris Classeur and Martindale-Hubbell, among others. LexisNexis Philippines provides total solutions that addresses specific customer requirements to enhance productivity, improve profitability and incite growth. LexisNexis Philippines helps address loopholes and reduce risk through analytic solutions that effectively identify problems.

For its legal Solutions, LexisNexis Philippines provides a wide range of documents from which Law Firms can conveniently search and use for their ligation solutions, legal research, marketing, practice management, corporate legal requirements, government as well as academic library needs. LexisNexis Philippines call center provides risk solution in terms of identifying verification and authentication of documents, investigation, fraud detection, screening, background checks, data analytics and receivables management. For its business solutions, LexisNexis Philippines provides news and business research, marketing and communications strategy, procurement and supply chain management, government compliance and business and sales development. And all these information solutions are applicable to a wide range of industries including finance and insurance, government, healthcare, media and retail ecommerce.

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    Is.this from Reed located in upa techno.hub 2nd.flr that.shared building with teletech?
    If it is? I’m interested.since I’m just near the place.

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