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Life of a Call Center Agent

Posted on June 3, 2021 | 1 Comment on Life of a Call Center Agent

The life of call center agent is a life of irony. We start our day in the night. We wake up and go to work when everybody else is about to sleep after coming home from work. We have breakfast after noon, lunch at midnight and dinner in the morning. We start our drinking spree at 9 AM, while everybody else is having breakfast. We wear jackets even during summer. We drink a lot of coffee and smoke cigarettes to keep ourselves up while others avoid them because it’s bringing them down. We are sad during holiday breaks. And most of all, we speak English like our native language even if we are Filipinos.

The life of a call center agent is a life of sacrifice. We help foreigners who hate us for having their jobs. We always try to talk and serve half asleep. Dealing with different time zones had made us lost track of time. Eye bugs constitute part of the nature of our work. We have become so used in serving that we tend to address everybody else as sir and mam. We always play hide and seek against snatchers and robbers on a daily basis.

Despite this, the life of a call center agent is full of fun and excitement. We get to earn relatively higher pays compared to regular day time jobs. We speak English fluently which make us look smart. We get to wear anything we want in the office. We get to meet many young beautiful and aggressive men and women equally looking for someone to meet. And we get to support our families and loved ones.

Working as a call center agent has its ups and downs. But it is definitely a rewarding and fulfilling career if one commits to it.

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  1. Melody Beadles Reply

    As both an American and a call center employee I would like to say most of us don’t hate you.

    We understand that it is not an individual’s fault that so many of our companies have moved their businesses to other countries.

    That being said, I have greatly enjoyed my Filipino coworkers overseas.

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