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Life in the Call Center

Posted on May 8, 2022 | No Comments on Life in the Call Center

We gain different reactions when people are being asked about their opinions regarding call center agents. Some of them tend to appreciate the hard work and the challenging role of an agent, others would give nothing but snide comments and would start pointing out how laid-back it seems to just sit and take calls all night while receiving a mean income. But what is really going on inside the operations floor are beyond the slightest expectations of many. Let us take a quick look on it.

Once the queue starts, it won’t stop. It’s true that we just sit and take calls all night – and if you out it that way, you’d think of how cool our job is. But what people don’t know is that it’s actually in the literal sense, meaning we are not allowed to leave our seats even to just go to the washroom and pee if the volume of incoming calls is pretty high. Even the breaks and lunches are put on hold just to entertain these calls. It is mandatory for us to take them no matter how tired we are, because that is what we are being paid for.

We are the frontliners, meaning we are also the shock absorber. Irate callers are already a part of our everyday life. In each shift we receive one or two of them, telling how dumb, senseless, or inane we are. We hear all kinds of profanity, and though we are not told to tolerate them, we have to at least understand that the customer is upset, not by us, but by the situation. And since we are the front liners, then, basically, we need to hear and absorb first all of their anger and other negative emotions before we can get to their business.

Our job depends on our performance. If we don’t do well in our jobs, then basically we would be jobless. It is safe to say that what we do in the call center is not for dimwitted. Everything we do, from the moment we enter inside the operations floor, the minute we take the call, the way we greet the customers, the things we tell them, the way we say goodbye and even sometimes the way we treat our colleagues, is graded. Once we fail on something, then we’re doomed.

So don’t ever think what we do inside is just as easy as we let you see. We project very well, making it seem effortless. Because, that is how achievers handle challenges.

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