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Life Lessons while working a Call Center Job

Despite the fact that call centers have played a big role in increasing the employment rate in the country, many people still belittle this job. It is not always clear why, but many claim that call center job is just about sitting and take calls and earn big. Call center people, on the other hand, know better than this. Being a customer service representative is more than just taking calls and resolving issues of the customers. What are the other things that working in the call center could teach you?

Eloquence. Apart from being able to practice and enhance your English communication skills (provided that you are handling an international account), your convincing power and your eloquence would be greatly put to test. Speaking with people in different cultures and nationality, even if it’s just over the phone requires your full patience and control, especially when they are dissatisfied and quite irate.

Multitasking. Imagine yourself listening intently to your customer’s problems and issues while looking for further information about it on your computer and at the same time listening to the instructions that your supervisor is telling the entire team in the background. These things you have to do at the same time, so your multitasking skills are going to be enhanced, too.

Adapt to change quickly. If there is one thing constant in the BPO culture, it’s change. Always be ready to adapt to every change in the company’s SOPs, clients’ requirements and customer announcements. Changes are usually applied every week or less, and you just have to unlearn what was told to you before and live with the new rule.

Embracing diversity. Call center culture is so diverse – you are to interact with people coming from different countries in different cultures. Thus, you also have to adapt to this, and make sure you think the way they do to guarantee that you and your customer are on the same page. Your colleagues can be very diverse and open-minded too, and soon you’ll accept anything different.

Camaraderie and team work. Everyone in the call center works in team, and you have to learn how to interact with your colleagues and work with them to achieve one common goal. It could be the team performance incentive, attendance incentive or anything that would require you to reveal your competitive side. Your work contribution is a must and so you have to learn how to be a team player.

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