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Across Different Lines of Business in BPO

Nowadays, it is kind of a mainstream to think of call center agents as just phone support experts. People in the BPO industry know otherwise. Modern call centers now support wide ranged line of business. Phone, chat and email, all these are now supported by various call centers. As we apply for the job we are assessed as to how we converse with the interviewer and how we verbally answer or discuss the question that is being asked by them. When we look back at it, it seems that they have been preparing us to just the phone support. When I look back at it from this standpoint, I realize that I may have been extremely wrong. Though these lines of business are different in nature, these types of support have one thing in common and that is to provide support to customers using modern English.

As stated, these lines of business are different in nature and with this come the advantages and disadvantages of supporting customers in these lines of business. More so, different interaction affects the personal and interpersonal approach of the experts.

Phone – Among all lines of business, this type of support is the most tiresome and wearisome. Why? It is because we personally converse with the customers and provide assistance real time. Phone support is divided into two different sub lines: outbound and inbound support. With outbound support, call center agents are responsible in contacting the customer either for support or sales while with inbound support, the customer contact a support number and call center experts then take the call and handle the issue from then on. With phone support, customers usually vent out their frustrations to unknowing experts. With this, the experts main responsibility is handle and pacify the customer. With phone support, resolution to issues is faster and easier.

Chat – As with the phone support, the customers are assisted real time. Since we cannot play with our voices and emotions in chat support, the interaction may appear impersonal. Misunderstandings are common in chat support. Whether it be on the customer or the experts end. However, since assistance is real time, experts will immediately know the outcome of each step.

Email – Email support does not provide support real time. More so, like chat support where we cannot play with our emotions and voices, experts also cannot establish personal relationship with the customers. However, since it is not necessary to immediately answer the customers query, experts have ample time to research and provide the best possible solution.

These lines of business are necessary in keeping a company’s revenue. When joining a call center corporation, I would suggest that you prepare to be deployed in any of these supports. By preparing you have a lot of opportunity to excel in any of these supports. By preparing, you will be ready to assist customers in any of these supports.

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