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Linkserve Solutions BPO

Posted on November 26, 2014 | 1 Comment on Linkserve Solutions BPO

Linkserve Solutions is a business process outsourcing company that specializes in outbound Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) telemarketing, appointment setting, lead generation, market research, survey and data entry. Linkserve Philippines also provides inbound customer service and sales, virtual assistance for data entry, research, list development and others to companies mostly from the US and Canada.

Linkserve Solutions values excellence and integrity. It ensures of exhausting all means necessary for its clients to get their money’s worth and more. Its services are fairly priced and affordable without compromising high quality.

Among the major services of Linkserve Solutions included appointment setting and sales prospecting. It contacts any business to present client services and sets an appointment with representative to meet with qualified prospects. Linkserve Philippines also provides market research which is ideal for organizations looking for information are planning to expand into a new market, expanding product line or offering new services. It creates and executes a marketing research campaign to learn what potential customers and prospects want, need, how much they are willing to pay for and what they think about your company. List development pertains to a service of creating a pool of potential or prospective customers especially decision makers in the market which included their background, address, phone number, fax number and email address among others. This can be done in a segmented basis by geographic area, income and number of years in business, among others.

Finally, Linkserve BPO Philippines also offers customer care services which involve knowing if customers are happy with services, the employees and the company by contacting customers and prospective customers on a regular basis from which companies can come up with additional services, products, innovations and changes to their existing portfolio.

Linkserve Solutions call center office location:

  • Linkserve Batangas
    P. Burgos St
    Batangas Philippines
    Tel: (043) 980 0303

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  1. Ronald Makiling Reply

    Wish to be part of your fast growing BPO company here in Batangas.

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