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Linkstar Philippines

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Linkstar Inc. is a subsidiary of a UK Marketing company that specializes in private online and digital internet marketing, search engine optimisation the Philippine operations of a company. Linkstar Philippines is composed of a team of professional selected from the most competitive fields of web commerce, on which the company’s strength lies.

In 2007, Linkstar Inc. was acquired by Mace Security International, which is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high quality security products as well as personal defense sprays, home and business surveillance and security devices as well as automotive security and child safety and security. The acquisition of Linkstar by Mace has drastically improved the security in the services provided by Linkstar, which operates the e-commerce division of Mace. Linkstar Philippines develops, markets and sells products to consumers through the internet promotional sites. Products included Vioderm, Purity by Mineral Science, TrimDay, ExtremeBriteWhite, Knockout, Biocol, Goji Berry Now, and PetVitamins. Meanwhile the online marketing division of Mace is Promopath which conduct online affiliate marketing engages in acquiring customers, prospects or leads for advertisers on cost-per-acquisition model. This ensures clients that they only pay for results.

As the e-commerce division of Mace, Linkstar Philippines also conducts sourcing and evaluation of websites for potential advertising collaboration, contracting of third party websites for negotiating deals and creation of articles and distribution of article to client sites for online marketing. In conducting these tasks, the company relies on its teams’ strong knowledge of the internet, strong analytical skills, exceptional English communication, systematic organization and keen eye for details and unparallel interpersonal and relationship building skills

Linkstar Philippines call center office address:

  • Linkstar Eastwood
    6B Cyber One Plaza Building
    Eastwood City – Libis, Bagumbayan
    Quezon City, Philippines
    +63 2 661-3187

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