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Logic Exam in a Call Center

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Logic exams typically refer to tests that involve discerning logical numerical and geometrical patterns as well as their application to proper reasoning. This type of test is especially provided to evaluate the ability of an applicant to think logically and analytically. As part of the selection process, the logic exam in call center will help recruiters assess an applicant’s ability to comprehend and follow directions and rules and as well as consider conditions/ circumstances in questions for decision making. This helps the HR department to see that rational behavior capability of an applicant that in turn predict future performance as well as measure any applicant’s potential for leadership and management position.

The logic exam in a call center is traditionally comprised by predicting trends and patterns as well as structure of words relationship that in turn reflect a person’s logic of reasoning. Since an international call center primarily uses English communication, the logic exam test their knowledge on the complexity of the English language. It is also use to assess ability of customers to formulate effective methods of resolving disagreements, especially pertaining to customers. All words and statement is reducible to logical arguments. This exam allows assessors to check the ability of applicants to understand the logical flow and argumentation of customer’s typical statements and discover ways on how they can react to them.

As a crucial component of the general exam for call center applicants, learning to pass the logic exam is a key challenge that applicants need to face. In taking a logic exam, it is important to look holistically at every scenario provided in a question instead of focusing on the question alone. This is because relationships are built holistically. It would be advisable to warm up with a simple problem first instead of taking time on items which are difficult. Finally, it would better to always double-check answers if there is still time to review answers.

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