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Look Fresh after Graveyard Shift

Working is indeed strenuous. But that does not exempt you from looking good even after work. Call center employees and other workers from a graveyard shift usually look haggard and worn out on their way home. They are the people usually wearing sunglasses and are caught sleeping with their mouths open dripping with their dribbles in jeeps or in the MRT while most people are on their way to work in the morning while they are on their way home. Regular day time workers do not usually look as haggard as these people who work in graveyard shifts. So how do you look fresh?

Have enough sleep. One big difference between daytime workers and night shift workers that makes the latter look more haggard and worn down is sleep. Daytime workers living in the regular or normal biological clock tends to have more sufficient sleep than graveyard shift workers. To bridge the difference, night shift workers should equally get sufficient sleep during the day to remain fresh after work. This essentially means adjusting your sleeping patterns in the morning and afternoon. Until you address sleep deprivation, you will always look faded and exhausted even before getting into work. Sleep will give you the sufficient energy for work and after work to look good.

Freshen up before going home. Most employees freshen up before going to work. Those who look good and fresh also freshens up before going home. They wash their face, brush their teeth, retouch on their make ups, put up a cologne or perfume and fix themselves. People do this because one gets to be in public and get to meet and be seen by more people in public while getting a ride, walking in the business district, commuting in public and basically getting outside the office. In the same token, graveshift workers should do the same by refreshing themselves and fixing themselves before embarking to go home. Looking good especially outside the office is important because you’ll never know whom you might meet. It could be an old friend, an old lover or your potential partner in life that you are waiting for.

Avoid vices. Smoking and drinking liquor has no good side effects in one’s health and physical looks. Unfortunately, many graveyard shift workers especially call center agents tend to indulge themselves to these vices to combat sleep. These vices gradually destroy your body cells, your skin, your organs, your psychological outlook in life, which have a negative impact in your whole self. Cigarettes, alcohols and all kinds of vices should therefore be avoided to always look young and fresh.

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