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Maestro Systemas Technologies

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Maestro Systemas Technologies is a BPO company that is primarily engaged in the development of customized IT solutions for different companies especially for the travel and hospitality industry. As a technology company, Maestro Systemas Technologies helps its clients in providing with cutting edge automation and control technology solution.

Among Maestro Systemas Philippines major services included Hotel/Resort Management Systems which involved a comprehensive management of hotel operations from, marketing, human resources management, revenue management and property management. Maestro Systemas Technologies also provides financial Accounting services which included financial reporting, plant accounting, reconciliation services, disbursements, payroll, and travel among others. Inventory Management services essentially provides process management for controlling the transfer of ineventory coming in and out. POS or point of sales services refers to the broad range of transaction administration to complete a purchase which included credit card processing and credit card services, debit card processing, and the use of the payment mechanisms such as check, gift card and loyalty cards. The DTR/Payroll Systems pertains to services pertaining to personnel monitoring and attendance, as well as the computation and distribution of salaries. Finally, web Applications pertains to a wide range of software systems and processes that entails technical support for is proper implementation.

Maestro Systemas Technologies was established in Batangas to further optimize its labor and administrative which makes its services more competitive world wide. As a first class province in the Philippines located on the southwestern part of Luzon (CALABARZON region), Batangas City is home to highly competitive and hardworking professionals at a price that is even cheaper in Manila.

Maestro Systemas Philippines call center office address:

  • Maestro Systemas Technologies Batangas
    YCP Business Center
    Ayala Avenue, Lipa City
    Batangas, Philippines

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