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Magna Infotech

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Magna Infotech is a company that was established in 1997, and has been one of the top providers of technology staff augmentation and solutions. Magna Ikya Philippines offers its customers with an all-inclusive talent management solution which has specifications when it comes to industry, geography and business purpose. The company has more than 11, 000 associates that are all well-organized in more than 450 skill sets, across a wide range of sectors in different industries.

As for associates, employees and aspiring individuals, Magna Infotech provides an elevating experience that endorses career growth and long term learning.

IT/ITES Staffing – Through this team, Magna Ikya Philippines supports companies in locating the right talent and position professionals who are particular to a certain industry, location or business purpose. This is all for a concrete project timeline on Magnas payroll.’

Hire Train Deploy – Magna Infotech has campus to corporate programs which offers talented and ready to be positioned individuals for its clients. All the hired aspirants are competent in the necessary skill set by the Magnas experts in technology. The qualified individuals are then endorsed to the client.

IT Managed Services –The company implements projects for certain Centers of Excellence like Testing and Infrastructure Management Services. These projects are implemented from client bases wherein Magna carries its expertise and knowledge around process guidelines, technical expertise, as well as demand and resource management. The projects are amplified with Magnas expertise in staffing, through offering skilled individuals to the client in a short period of time.

Reverse Partnering – Magnas Reverse Partnering process grants it to reassign the employees of its clients to its own payroll and eventually reassign them again for other projects. Magna also follows the same process for the bench resources of its clients which has proved to be advantageous to both Magna and its clients.

Contract Process Outsourcing – Magna tales charge of recruitment services for its clients. Magna guarantees all paper work, as well as the compliance processes are in place for any specific business process designated to it. Connection to both internal and external business stakeholders warrants placement of eligible talent for a specified period.

Fixed Cost Contract – Within the suggested price, Magna Infotech guarantees that its deliverables are line up to timelines. Keeping the headcount of the team in mind for any particular scheme, the company focuses on making concrete strictures to meet all the business requirements of the clients.

Magna Ikya Infotech call center office address:

  • Magna Infotech Makati
    GT Tower
    Ayala Avenue, Makati City

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