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Malasaga Trading

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Malasaga Trading is a world-class engineering and worldwide trading company founded in 1985 by Engr. Eduardo R. Malasaga. The company started as a manufacturer of locally made spare parts that used the Numerically Controlled Machine. Today, it prides itself in the promoting the world class capability of the Filipino engineer and technicians for providing a wide-range of metal fabrication needs of industrial and manufacturing companies around the world.

The Malasaga Trading Corporation has a complete array of products and services for the requirements of the automotive and motorcycle companies, bottling companies, food and paper manufacturers and other industrial companies. Among its major products included fabrication of tools and dies for metal forging process, mass production of metal parts for the automotive and motorcycle industry, Sheet metal pressing and processing, Injection moulds and components fabrication, blow moulds and dies fabrication, • Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) mill and lathe machining, Big metal block squaring and machining and the conventional lathe grinding and milling and electric discharge machining (EDM) Jigs, fixtures and dies design and fabrication. Other products included Industrial Machine & Parts, Drilling & Mining Accessories, Milling Cutters, Lathe Machine Accessories, Measuring Instruments, Milling Tools, Turning Tools, Abrasive and Grinding Tools, Tooling System and Carbide Inserts.

Malasaga Trading also offers industrial services included Ship building and ship repair parts fabrication, Earth drilling and mining tools fabrication, Power generation (hydraulic, diesel, steam, etc.) tools fabrication, Railway system parts and repair requirements, Elevator and escalator parts repair, fabrication and maintenance, CNC (lathe, milling) machining services, with loading capability of up to 5-tons, and • Over head crane system for work mobilization.

Malasaga Trading is located at 2135 ME National Highway, Barangay Canlalay Binan, Laguna 4024 Philippines with telephone nos. (02) 847 7326/ (02) 847 7331/ (02) 847 7331.

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