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Manulife Business Processing Services

Manulife Business Processing Services or MBPS Philippines is an international BPO company that provides administrative, finance, investments, customer contact and information technology services exclusively to Manulife companies and clients all around the world. Manulife BPO Philippines is a foremost Canadian-based financial services company that serves millions of people across the world by providing financial and wealth protection and management services to individual persons or groups. These services included life insurance, health insurance, pension, annuities, mutual funds and banking products. Manulife operates through the brand name “Manulife Financial” in Canada and Asia and “John Hancock” in the United States.

Manulife in the Philippines has been in the country for over 100 years since 1907 and is thus dubbed as the one of first life insurance firms in the country. Manulife BPO Philippines is the first foreign firm to list in the Philippine Stock Exchange and is one of the premium life insurance companies in the country today.

The Manulife Business Processing Services however was established only in 2006 to provide financial support financial service specialties such as actuarial, administration, customer Service, finance/Investments, information Technology, Marketing/Communications and Underwriting among others. Manulife BPO Philippines provides financial supports services not only all Manulife in the Philippines but to all Manfulife companies and customers around the world.

MBPS Philippines agents undergo a rigid training and orientation about the company and the specific type of service that one will be assigned to. For instance, tech support agents provide technical assistance to systems, internet, connection, software and hardware problems to Manulife employees around the world. On the other hand, customer help assistance, provide service to Manulife clients and potential clients seeking assistance for information, complaints, inquiry and other related issues.

Manulife Business Processing Services is focally situated in:

  • Manulife Technohub
    Manulife Building
    U.P. North Science & Technology Park
    Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman
    Quezon City Philippines

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