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Masergy Communications

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Masergy Communications is the largest independent Software Defined Platform across the globe, providing hybrid networking, managed security and cloud communication solutions to various companies and organizations around the world. The company’s platform utilizes innovative technologies that include software defined networking, network function virtualization, advanced machine learning and huge data analytics to provide the flexibility, visibility and control that the company IT teams require. Masergy Communications are therefore allowed to develop, organize, change and administer those important solutions by means of simplifying complexities.


Hybrid Networking Solutions
Intelligent Connectivity – this solution provides exceptionally high performance with ensured service levels to link the clients’ corporate offices and data centers to Masergy’s Software Defined platform that is accessible worldwide. Furthermore, it also has easier customization, as well as unlimited virtual private networks and different services with no extra cost.

Network as Service – this solution provides a turnkey for effective and secure connection to the clients; branch offices and retail locations to Masergy’s Software Define Platform. Clients can do self-provision, or Masergy can handle it for the client. The company can provide assistance to the clients in developing and organizing clients’ networks in order to meet their distinctive requirements.

Managed Security
Unified Enterprise Security – the company’s innovatively managed security solution supplements and complements business’ security investments with the company’s patented technology when it comes to security and maintained expert monitoring. The company also identifies and analyzes even the most understated anomalies to prevent and stop the threats in their tracks.

Managed Firewall – this solution is available as a standalone service or a service that is fully integrated with our UES managed solution. This allows business owners to attain the most on flexibility with three deployment models: premise, cloud and virtualized.

Professional Services – the company’s Professional Services Team provides business owners to secure their environment, meet regularly and comply with requirements. The following services are also offered:
– Comprehensive security audits
– Vulnerability assessments
– Compliance testing
– Penetration testing
– Risk management analysis
Cloud Communications
– UCaaS
– Intelligent SIP Trunking
– Global Presence
– Analytics and Service Control

Masergy has always prided itself when it comes to technical advancements it brings to its clients and its partners, and as well as to the industry it belongs, while promoting at atmosphere dedicated to providing an outstanding customer experience. This is the outcome of organizing the best people in technology, and allowing them to have an environment that promotes collaboration, creativity and excellence.

Masergy Communications main office address:

  • Masergy Dallas
    2740 North Dallas Parkway
    Suite 260, Plano
    Texas, USA

Masergy Philippines call center office address:

  • Masergy Mandaluyong
    4/F Shaw IT Center building
    360 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City

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