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Matrix TV Philippines

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Television in Indonesia started in 1962 in its capital city, Jakarta with government own and operated station called the TVRI. Said station monopolized the television broadcasting until 1989, when the first private commercial station, Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia was granted broadcasting license and soon operated after a year. Sometime in the same year, satellite television in Indonesia had also began which featured the transition of technology from analogue to digital using DVB-S format.

Matrix TV is one of the numerous satellite TV operators In Indonesia along with Indovision, TOP TV, TelkomVision, Yes TV, Aora TV, and OkeVision, which is available nationwide. Unlike other satellite TV, Matrix TV is free TV from Indonesia which broadcast nationwide and Internationally through the internet. Both Matrix TV and Matrix Radio provides live streaming online via their website. Thus, Matrix TV is available in the Philippines via the Internet.

With the advents of cable television in the Philippines way back in the 1980s, different national televisions have become available in the country. Private commercial television broadcasters from practically all countries around the world are now available including from Asia, Europe, America, Australia, and Africa. The most available Indonesia cable television channel in the Philippines is called First Media. This is available in most of the leading cable TV service providers in the pHilippines such as Sky cable and Dream Cable.

Matrix TV also pertains to one of the generic brands of LCD and LED televisions in the Philippines along with Promac, Union, Skyworth, Fukuda,and Pensonic, among others. These LCD televisions are generally cheaper that branded televisions like SONY, Sharp, LG, Samsung, etc. The generic TV brands are available in most leading appliance stores including SM. So far, there are no positive or negative feedbacks that had been received about these generic brands. What is important however is that these brands are making LCD and LED television accessible to the masses, which is a great thing because the world is currently switching the digital television which will make analogue CRT type television obsolete very soon. It would be advisable therefore that people start investing on LED and LCD TV.

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