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Maximize Performance during Night Shift

The call center industry is most active during the night because most companies cater markets in the other side of the world in which the time difference necessitates call center companies to work at night. Thus, maximizing one’s performance during the night shift is a must, which is problematic because humans are programmed to sleep during the night and work during the day. So how do we remedy this?

Adjust to a nocturnal life. The best way to maximize performance for a night shift is to change one’s lifestyle from diurnal to nocturnal. Workers at night should try to become nocturnal creatures by sleeping during the day and waking up at night. This entails adjusting all your routine morning schedules to night including eating habits, meeting people and other typical morning activities that you do. This also means liberating oneself from the typical morning schedules, habits and activities that one normally does like attending daytime activities like doing sports, hanging out with friends and relatives and other things. In other words, one needs to sacrifice else attempting to be active both in the day and the night will result to fatigue, sleep deprivation and illness in the long run.

Sleep. If there is one major problem night shift workers face, it is sleep deprivation. Sleep and rest deprivation results to fatigue which in turn reduces physical alertness, cognitive reasoning and overall performance. To ensure maximum performance at night, the worker must have sufficient sleep of at least 8 hours during the day. In lieu of which, the worker should try all means to achieve a good day sleep by making one’s room conducive for sleep (i.e. dim lights, quiet, cool temperature, etc.) A worker about to make a transition to a night shift schedule should sleep in the afternoon before going to work.

Eating at night. Night workers should equally eat and properly to have sufficient energy for night shift work. It is common for night shift workers to miss meals because of the circadian programming of our bodies which upsets appetite. Although, many call center companies have open cafeterias and canteen to cater to the needs of call center agents, one can also opt to bring food or snack which one can munch during breaks while at work. Meals that are high in protein is ideal for attaining alertness at night.

Take naps. Because sleep deprivation is often inevitable during night shifts, the worker can try to regain rest by taking short but deep naps during breaks to resuscitate one’s energy and work more productivity.

Drink coffee or hot soup. One common approach to stimulate our senses is by drinking coffee or sipping hot soup. Coffee has caffeine which is a natural stimulant. On the other hand, hot food items such as hot soups help stimulate our sense because it stimulates blood flow that cause us to sweat, which is one way to awaken our senses and be productive at night.

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