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Medicall Philippines

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Medicall Philippines is a specialized American outsourcing Company providing a wide-range of contact center services. Medicall Philippines is in the process of business expansion.

It is not merely on the medical services the Medicall Philippines offers, they are also giving an extra services in the IT infrastructure and security requirements, with the help mainly on their US and Philippines based clients services. Medicall Philippines main objective is to offer support in advancing, designing, implementing and managing of the customized solutions.

MediCall Communication Center is located in the Philippines, in close proximity to its many nursing schools producing some of the highest quality nurse graduates in the world.

The Medicall Philippines after it launched in the Philippines last 2003 has proven its worth and quality services to their client, because it is the number one and leader in clinical services marketplace in the market today, their unique and proven services gave them the full agreement with clinical licensing requirements, and also the prestige URAC accreditations in Group Health and Workers’ Comp services. This kind of accreditations will not be given unless the Medicall Philippines will not be considered as one. They assure their clients the quality, security and highest standard of services they deserve.

The best part in patronizing this kind of services is that significantly reduce the operational expenses by lowering the clinical labor cost while in return the escalating quality, productivity and fulfillment levels. The customers of the Medicall Philippines will soon realize that the higher levels of competitiveness in their particular market segments.

Medicall Philippines call centers are located in:


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