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Medscribe Asia

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Medscribe Asia or MSAI is California-based business process outsourcing provider that specializes in providing medical, legal and business transcriptions services and other support solutions to small and large organizations to help them focus on their core operations and leave them care free from their critical support functions. Medscribe Asia offers a wide array of solutions package that cover the back office administrative needs of a company especially catering the healthcare industry including its other components such as a private general practitioner, small town clinic, a large urban medical center, as well as insurance companies and legal experts on healthcare issues. Medscribe Philippines boasts of a team of highly trained personnel that uses refined proprietary software that help them achieve accurate and quality Medical Transcription, Medical Coding & Billing, Document Processing and Management services.

Medscribe Asia primarily provides medical transcription services which cover reports emerging from dictation about details of patient health information, clinical information, research information as well as radiographic and operative procedures and data among others. Its legal transcription services on the other hand refer to reports emanating from legal proceedings and rulings and other legal matters. Finally, business transcription services mainly pertain to reports from meetings, conferences, lectures, and other similar speaking engagements or events. As one of the most sought after medical transcriptions firm, Medscribe Philippines is renowned for its accuracy, Competitive Pricing, Quick turn-around-time, Reliability, Security, and Confidentiality, 24-7 clock customer support, competency, Secured ASP access and HIPAA compliance.

Aside from transcription services, Medscribe Asia also services as a training company for transcription services which it offers in collaboration with different academic institutions.

Medscribe Asia or MSAI in the Philippines is located in:

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