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Different Metrics You Should Maintain

A lot of people are saying that call center job is just so easy. You just have to sit down, put on your headset and answer phone calls for the entire eight hours. It might be simple if you put it that way, but what these people didn’t know is that there is nothing more challenging than a job where in all the things you do are graded, and if you fail to hit the recommended mark, you might lose your job.

So what are the things you should watch out in order for you to keep your job? Here are the basics.

Average Handling Time (AHT). This is the number of minutes you spend over the phone talking to one customer. If you are handling a technical campaign, you could be allotted as many minutes as possible, like 25 minutes or so, or you could be allotted 3 minutes if you are a reservationist. You should be able to hit these targets, otherwise, you’re out of job within 3 months depending on the company’s policy.

Quality Assurance (QA). This is basically your call flow – from the opening spiel until the closing spiel. Quality assurance specialists would grade you based on how well you handle the call. Were you able to follow the recommended call flow? Were you able to adhere to the standard operating procedure on solving the customer’s concern? Were you nice to the caller? All of these things and more are being graded in this metric.

Productivity. This is the time you spend on the phone for the entire day. This is one of the two basic metrics that are said to be easy to hit because all you have to do is take calls during the time that you are expected to be on the phone.

Attendance. This is the easiest target to hit, because all you have to do is go to work everyday and on time. Keep in mind that in the call center industry, every minute counts, and so you have to be at work on the time that you are expected to be there.

These are just the basic metrics that are present in all call center companies. Depending on the campaign that you are handling, you might also have customer satisfaction survey and sales quota that you also need to hit. Now, who says that call center job is easy?

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