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Posted on October 21, 2017 | No Comments on MeWe/Coinspect

Sticking to its goal of pioneering a new age of safety and organizational inspection, MeWe has successfully engineered a software wherein the quality of an establishment’s services and the establishment itself can be easily gauged.

Through years of research and tedious tinkering, MeWe has finally released its brainchild that’ll be the solution for paperless regulatory checkups and other mandatory inspection that any establishment must undergo. With CoInspect, the level of satisfaction for customers and the overall condition of the company will be effortlessly put into test.

CoInspect, is a software for regulating the sanctity and the state of an establishment, while subsequently providing a quick evaluation for certain businesses like restaurants, cafes, and even offices. With its basic and easy-to-use interface, CoInspect can vastly improve any establishment in any given condition to assure its success in the long run.

Given the emergence of mobile phones that are packed with applications for working on-the-go, it makes sense for MeWe to release a mobile version of their CoInspect software. With the CoInspect app making its way to smartphones and tablets, regulating and maintaining the condition of an establishment is easier than ever!

In any business, fines from safety and health inspectors are the primary bane for their operations. With CoInspect, violations can be anticipated and curtailed before it inflicts its damages through fines or potentially, license suspension.

CoInspect boasts with specialized tests for specific companies. Also, it singles out certain areas in an establishment and its services so that you can zero in on the improvements you’d want to see in that particular aspect of your company.

Also, CoInspect assures that your companies and establishments will accord to the latest norms in regulations. CoInspect wants its future users to have an updated information when it comes to current trends and standards for regulation.

With a variety of regulatory test and checklist to choose from, CoInspect will surely aid in fortifying every aspect of your business. From hygiene check-ups to proper organization of certain materials, CoInspect got you covered.

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