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Minex Call Center?

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There is no such thing as Minex Call Center. There is no Minex Call center in the Philippines or anywhere in the world. It is non existent. The so named Minex call center is recently getting into the nerves of a lot of people because of its harassment style of cold calling. It usually calls a customer 3 to 4 times a day persistently either to promote or sell a product or in the case of others, to collect an unknown credit. At the moment, Minex Call center is believed to be a scam, so it would be prudent to withhold any information from said company and report it immediately to authorities.

However, there is one legit company that maybe closely related to Minex because they sounded quite similar when pronouncing the word. This company is the Minacs Worldwide Inc. (Minacs)The company used the name Minacs (which sounded Minex) for short. Minacs Worldwide Inc is a BPO company that specialized in marketing and back office administration, whose headquarters is located in 180 Duncan Mill Road, Toronto Canada. It has recently forged an alliance with an Indian company which now known as Aditya Birla Minacs. This company is a business solutions company which included expertise in customer service, finance, marketing and IT support. It is headquartered in Bangolore, India but has over 30 contact center branches around the world including a US branch in Farmington Hills, Michigan which particularly specialized on tech support and parts assistance for Chrysler automobiles.

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