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Minion Solutions

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Minion Solutions is a company that was established in January 2012. It has been recognized as one of the most reliable sources of information technology staff for business process outsourcing companies. Minion Solutions Philippines is composed of a dynamic team waiting to work with other businesses and organizations with their software as well as their web design projects. The company started offering non-IT related services in 2014 and was able to expand since then. Minion Solutions has gone global and now provides different IT and non-IT services to its clients across the globe.

Products and Services
Minion Solutions provide IT Staff that can perform the following services:
– Web design graphics
– E-commerce management
– Branding and Storytelling
– Online Corporate Portfolio
– Social Media Management
– Software Development
– Analytics Data

Other Outsourced Services:
– Legal advice
– Contracts
– Government Compliance
– Visa Processing Payroll and Leaves
– Tax Compliance

Why Work at Minion Solutions
Minion Solutions aims to make the recruitment process easier for individuals who are in search for the right career path for them. Successful applicants are guaranteed to land the job that will suit their skills and qualifications. This is to guarantee the employee’s tenure and job security.

Career Opportunities
As a known recruitment agency, Minion Solutions are in a constant search of talented individuals that can be helped in achieving their goals of landing their dream job. There are various job opportunities in different businesses from different industries that job seekers can choose from. Minion Solutions offer jobs in the following fields:
– Finance and Accounting
– Corporate Functions
– Information Technology
– Sales and Retail
– Medical
– Customer Service
– Health and Wellness
– Human Resource
Minion Solutions Philippines call center office address:

  • Minion Solutions Ortigas
    32/F Antel Global Corporate Center
    Julia Vargas, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines

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