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Monroe Consulting Group

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Monroe Consulting Group is a company which first began in 2007 as a provider of headhunting services in Manila Philippines. The company has already made a reputation as a trustworthy supplier of skilled-middle to senior-level executives. The company’s search teams for specialist executive hunt down the best talent in the Philippine market for the consumer goods, health, industrial, professional and technology industries.

Headhunting Divisions

Consumer Goods
Monroe Consulting Group’s dedicated Consumer Goods division succeeds on the partnerships it has developed with some of the world’s most known and reputable brand names in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), electronic consumer goods and retail regions. Industry areas include:
– Fast Moving Consumer Goods
– Consumer Electronics
– Retail
– Hospitality
– Fashion’

As the middle-class persists to grow in developing economies, the demand for world-class quality medical services, medical products and reliable healthcare professionals has boosted. Monroe Consulting Group was alert to have this distinguished, thus, founding its health division that now collaborates with leading names in this essential area. Industry areas include:
– Pharmaceutical
– Life Sciences
– Medical Devices
– Hospitals

The company’s industrial division has rapidly created a long-lasting reputation for unveiling the most outstanding available people in this area. With the industrial region being the lifeline of the most emergent markets, the call for senior and verified professionals is highly competitive. Industry areas include:
– Manufacturing
– Construction
– Power
– Natural Resources
– Engineering
– Agriculture
– Chemical

Monroe’s prominent consultants have experience, exceptional industry knowledge and networks required to find the best talent available to convene client budgets. Through the company’s widespread networks, progressive approaches in headhunting, direct search and its considerable database, Monroe’s Professional division can satiate positions rapidly and cost effectively. Industry areas include:
– Management Consulting
– Business Support Services
– Market Research
– Insurance
– Legal
– Property Management
– Financing Services
– Banking
– Investment

Through concentrating on technology, the company’s specialists have not only created a deep interpretation of the industry they employ in, but they have also developed the capability to evaluate and monitor the latest disputes and drifts. This outstanding knowledge and skills coupled with Monroe’s commitment to overall excellence and competence has witnessed it firmly found a reputation as the go-to recruitment agency in this area. Industry areas include:
– Digital
– Online
– Software
– Hardware
– IT Consultancy Services
– Telecommunications

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