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Mosbeau Philippines

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Mosbeau is the ahe Asian Skin Whitening and Anti Aging expert. Mosbeau is a Japanese based company dubbed with as the no. 1 skin whitening, anti-aging and skin cell renewal provider among Asians. Its breakthrough ingredient is the placental protein, which is added in all of its five product lines namely the Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Food Supplement, Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm and Dark Spot Cream, Mosbeau All-In-One Premium 30 Facial Cream, Mosbeau All-In-One Premium Soap and Mosbeau Collagen Plus 12000. These products are currently available at all leading health and beauty outlets across the Philippines.

Whereas glutathione has made waves in the beauty industry in the Philippines because of its whitening side effect, Mosbeau Philippines breakthrough edge in skin whitening is the Placental Protein which is a rich source of amino acids, important in making skin fairer, whiter and healthier. There are two of placental protein, Horse Placental Protein and Marine Placental Protein. More than just a skin whitening ingredient, the placenta helps in reducing and fighting unwanted signs of skin aging particularly wrinkles and fine lines while simultaneously inciting the skin renewal for better vitality and younger looking skin.

Aside from Horse Placental Protein and Marine Placental Protein, the products of Mosbeau Philippines also contains fish collagen, vitamin C, Malpighia glabra, elastin, rose petal extract, silk power, soy isoflavone and hyaluronic acide whitening, anti aging and skin renewal. Other ingredients included alday, glycine, L-cystine, Hesperediin, B cryptoxanthin, carrot extact and candida utilis.

Aside from beauty by making skin lighter and younger looking, Mosbeau also has a wide array of advanced products particularly customized for slimming and general wellness that is especially effective for Asian women, which made it the no. 1 brand in Japan and soon in the Philippines.

Mosbeau is headquartered in May Peace Ashiya 2-21 Chayano-cho Ashiya-shi Hyogo-ken, 659-0067 Japan.

Mosbeau Philippines call center office address:

  • Mosbeau Makati
    22/F Rufino Pacific Tower
    6784 Ayala Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines

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