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Most Effective Opening Spiels

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There is really no such thing as the most effective opening spiel. The type of opening spiel that an agent uses will depend on different factors including the kind of account that one is handling (inbound or outbound), the kind of customers that one will be calling, and other such factors. Moreover, an effective spiel is not sufficient to ensure quality customer service relationship is established because relationships are built in time through one’s consistency, honesty and trustworthiness.

Despite this, an effective opening spiel is nevertheless important in starting a dialogue. First impressions last thus a good opening spiel can serve to lead to a good dialogue or conversation with a client.

A typical opening spiel for an inbound call center usually starts with an initial greeting, followed by an introduction of the agent by telling his/ her name. This is followed by an open-ended question to start to solicit the inquiry of the customers. Here is an example: Hello, good day, sir/ mam. My name is Edward. How could I assist you today? Or How can I help you today? Or How can I be of service to you?.

Opening spiels for outbound call however is a little more difficult especially for cold calling. The spiel is particularly critical for facilitating conversation with a potential customer to avoid being shut down in the first ten seconds. It is comprised by a quick introduction of oneself and the company one represents and a request for customer’s short time as follows: “Hello. This is Edward of Micro company, I am looking for the head of this department, Mr. Soso, or Do you have a quick minute? Can you spare me a minute. Then a brief introduction of ones product or service is then provided.

In any which way one formulates ones spiel, it should have a greeting and introduction, a statement of interest invoking question, request for permission to continue, brief intro of the product, answer for any question and always end with a thanks to the customer.

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