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Motion Telecom Philippines

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Motion Telecom is renowned telecommunications provider in Australia with especial markets in New Zealand, Hong Kong and USA, where it has International offices. The company offers a broad range of voice, data, web, and mobile services designed to meet the demands of residential/ individual and corporate users. As part of its rapid expansion, Motion Telecom Philippines launched a national distribution entity for its phone cards, a travel arm and a telecommunication wholesale managed service provide a more comprehensive service to customers from start to end.

The voice services of Motion telecom pertains to voice or verbal communication through cable lines including local, long distance, mobile and international calls. The company provides consistent voice communications that ensures clear audio dispatch and reception. Net services essentially pertain to internet connections which included Dial Up and ADSL Broadband options. Motion Telecom Philippines offers different net packages with varying upload and download speeds plus burstable functions and email packages to suit the requirements of every customer. Finally, mobile communication services pertains to telecommunication provision for cellular phones as well as for mobile devices used for internet access. The company mainly caters markets from Australia, New Zealand and even Singapore, most call center agents work on regular day shift schedules.

Motion Telecom Philippines is a subsidiary of Motion Telecom Australia that provides a range of outbound and inbound call center services exclusively to Motion Telecom customers. This included providing outbound telemarketing services to inbound customer support services such as handling billing inquires, complains and other customer requirements.

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