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How to Get Motivated in your BPO Work

Working in a BPO company could be stressful and dreadful enough to be motivated. Sometimes, extrinsic motivation may not work after all. There are some people who have decided to quit from their work rather than answering calls, facing his boss, and travelling late at night. They have chosen to stay outside because the industry is too stressful enough to handle. However, some people still stay. They choose to stick with their jobs despite of the tons of reasons to leave. The very main reason for this is their employment. These people who chose to stay needed a job. These people truly care for their job no matter how unmotivated they are. If you are one of these people who chose to stay, here are some reminders on how to get motivated.
Always think of the first reason why you have applied for that job posting. Remember to go back to the main reason why you have applied for that job. Remind yourself that the lack of motivation can be a sign to step up and be good. There are more things in life which you should consider.

Motivate yourself through extrinsic rewards. This works for people who are fed up of doing the job repeatedly. Maybe buying a new gadget or investing in a new business will motivate them. Since there will be a change in the routine, it basically means that there is a sudden movements in the activities that cause boredom, too.

Do other side-hustle which may let you forget what you are currently doing. This includes doing what you really love. You maybe answering calls at night but you can still be an amazing entrepreneur by day. There is always a way on how to keep yourself motivated.

Have a social life. Social life means having other things to do aside from working. You may attend parties and meet new friends. This will make your forget the things that you do not do.

Let your superiors know about this. They could help you and think of ways on how to keep you motivated since it is their primary purpose as your leader.

These are just some of the ways on how to be motivated. You can certainly do it. All you have to do is to start and everything will just fall into pieces later on.

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