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Motivating Call Center Agents

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A happy work force creates happy customers. A good manager supplies a fantastic environment to work in and look after the staff the way they are expected to look after their customers. Motivating the call center agents are very important for them to strive hard and give their best on their jobs. They need this kind of motivation to focus and pay much attention on their field, so that a relationship between a management and the agents will become harmonious. Being good to agents can in turn result to customer satisfaction.

For agents to be nice or polite to the customers on their queries, managers should equally be nice and polite to their agents. Everything works like a chain reaction. The agents should be happy when provided with what they need such as skills training and technical knowledge. Authentic support should be given to agents. This means positive feedbacks where a job well done and constructive criticism for flaws or mistake that needs improvement and development.

Spending much money in order for the agents to feel motivated and valued is not necessary. A telephone call is completely as helpful as a gift voucher. A cash gift is not necessary for them to feel assured and feel important. However, a positive attitude should be consistently given or shown to employees regardless of the economic outlook and deem economic climate especially when setting targets and objectives. The team manager should support their staff to lift their game and sell themselves out of the credit critical situation.

Staff motivation is also subject to different factors. It is about having the right person in the right job. To ensure that people fits their job well, they should be given the right tools and support. This means providing the right training to keep them up to date and focused on the job. Giving regular training is important because its helps agents to perform in the jobs properly. It is always good to improve their skills and talents because it shows that management is concerned with how they perform in their jobs. Moreover, company should set realistic targets that they supposed to be achieved. Impossible targets increase the chances of failing to achieve targets which can dishearten agents. However, realistic targets that are achievable help boost agent’s ego once the targets are achieve.

Another strategy for motivating call center agents is by keeping things fresh. This means doing away with repetitive job which gets boring. To keep things fresh, managers should try to bring something new every now and then for the agents to do. For instance, one can inform agent with a new style of talking to a customer and asking agent to try it.
Finally, monthly bonuses and incentives are the most obvious way to motivate agents to stay productive and inspired to work. More earnings make agents feel that their hard work pays off.

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