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Multirational Philippines

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Founded in January of 2006, MultiRational is a business consulting services company that primarily provides insourcing services to multinational companies operating in the Philippines. It started off as a staff hosting company in Australia but now integrates a law firm, accounting firm, off shoring consultancy and HR practice with low-cost, turnkey fitted and provisioned incubator office space rolled into one. Thus, Multirational Philippines now offers a complete set of BPO services from legal assistance, accounting, human resources, payroll, reporting, business visa processing, IT support, compliance, fiduciary, advisory and renting of the needed facilities. The company put up a branch in the Philippines following the surge of outsourcing in the country because of similarity in time zones, English language proficiency, Western cultural affinity, considerably low labour rates, and the availability of reliable infrastructure.

Multirational Corp aims in allowing Australian companies gain access to critical skills that are insufficient in their own country, decrease staffing costs, and bring quality jobs to the Philippines. It has a two fold mission of helping Australian clients grow to become more profitable and competitive while providing sustainable and quality employment opportunities for Filipinos. Multirational Philippines operates with the core values of objectivity, integrity, professionalism and transparency.

One of the revolutionary services of Multirational Corp is insourcing, in which company perform their business operations internally by hiring and managing employees located at a remote location that is directly under their control as opposed to acquiring the services of third party outsourcing firms. This allows Multirational Philippines to bypass middleman salary mark-ups to gain access to lower labor cost access and better control of their employees. Insourcing provides better security, culture, standards, legislative compliance or client requirements. Other services offered by Multirational Corp. included Seat Leasing, Office Hosting, Business Registration, Accounting, Legal Support, Business Visa Processing, HR Management, Procurement, HR Console and VisaPro.

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