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A subsidiary of Globe Telecom, Mynt is currently enjoying a steady climb out the shadows of its mother company. It has made waves in the tech world with its mobile-based payment system coupled by its trustworthy service and phenomenal client care ratings. Mynt Philippines is trying to set the company apart from the competition through additional services that are sure to make life easier for its customers.

For consumers, retailers, and business owners, Mynt’s innovative payment system buys them more time to plan for their future and save up their assets in the long run. Thanks to Mynt services, tallying expenditures would be easier and balancing your accounts hasn’t been this comfortable. With that in mind, our company has set its sights in developing a better structure for your payables to achieve the impossible and make it more effortless to send your payments.

Currently, Mynt has two projects at hand which include G-Cash, an e-cash system that you can use instead of real money for buying groceries and other. G-cash can also be spent for payments or sent to other accounts for further usage. Another Mynt brainchild is FUSE, a lending system that provides easier transactions and better loan options for your comfort.

The company’s main service includes payments, remittance, loans, business solutions and platform that are compressed in a singular digital system for your phones. We aim to make these services the least burdensome as it can be so our customers can have time to deal with more important stuff. With a unified system for such services, you’d be done as fast as a swipe through your phones.

Mynt aims to be billions bank in the near future and contend against other established banking system in the process for mobile supremacy. Our company’s goal is to be the preeminent finance option businesses while extricating from its startup roots. It’s our dream to have a digital wallet in place of a cash-free world for hassle-free transactions and better money valuation.

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