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NationsHealth Philippines

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NationsHealth Philippines is a medical company that supplied medical supplies and provides health related services. It is the leading provider for diabetic products and supplies in the Philippines. The medical supply division is a part of Arriva Medical, the no. 1 Diabetic Supplies company in the Philippines. On the other hand, the company also provides business process outsourcing services in the enrollment, service and administration support of health insurances including Medicare, Medicaid and private commercial health insurance services. NationsHealth Philippines essentially processes the health insurance claims to business clients starting from eligibility assessment, enrollment processing to service, premium billing, payment and processing, reconciliation and other support services.

Nationshealth is a provider of member engagement and patient compliance BPO solutions for the healthcare industry. NationsHealth Philippines assist other companies to facilitate the most prized benefit compensation for employees, the health benefits. Health is the only wealth that is universally valued and Nationshealth exist to ensure that organizations are able to benefit from the providing health benefits. This is especially true in BPO companies where health is a critical issue among employees considering its time schedule. Nations Health Philippines constantly create better business results and better healthcare consumer experiences on behalf healthcare providers including top private health insurance companies and pharmacies.

And because it focuses on the health, NationsHealth Philippines equally promotes a working environment that is focused on bringing out the best in individuals and teams because health is best achieved when people’s greatest potentials are achieved. Health is more than just physical well being. Nations Health Philippines also involves psychological and emotional well being. Thus, the company provides an environment of learning, caring and support for its employees and its clients’ employees attain of their personal goals and fulfillment.

NationsHealth Corporate Headquarters is located at 13621 NW 12th Street, Suite 100 Sunrise, Florida USA.

NationsHealth Philippines call center office is located in:

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