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Navagis is a global IT service firm that helps enterprise organizations from the telecommunication, utility, agriculture, and government sectors in creating industry specific operating maps and solutions for decision makers. This operating map allows companies a comprehensive visual overview of a market or area to allow managers to better plan its strategies to generate more revenue, optimize utility of assets, manage risks and costs and improve security.

Navagis was founded in 2005 by David Moore in response to Hurricane Katrina. Moore created and integrated operating maps to systematically manage the substantial resources, coordinate the various teams from different agencies, enterprises and organizations involved in responding to meet that needs of the victims of the Hurricane.

The main product solution of Navagis is the Navagis Enterprise Visualization Management (EVM) Suite. This software is created using open systems and the Google Geo technology. It helps scale while combining enterprise information sources that incorporate location-based and sequential data elements. The suite essentially expanded functionality of Google Enterprise Geo visualization models to generate an organization -wide working environment for complete, map-based imaging and sharing.

It essentially has three application features to match a company’s distinct data visualization requirement. First is Asset Mapping Application, which helps for querying and searching asset data exactly from the company’s database. Mobile Workforce Application allows direct communication between mobile client and dispatcher for greater and faster implementation and efficient data integration analysis and resolution of operational issues. Finally, Sales Dashboard refers to the automated statistical analysis of all financially-based transactions and preparation of reports to allow decision makers fast and better decision making in expenses, marketing and finding potential areas for growth.

Navagis is headquartered in 111 E Capitol St, Jackson, MS 39201, United States Phone:+1 601-321-9632

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