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NCO Group Call Center

Posted on May 7, 2021 | 4 Comments on NCO Group Call Center

Headquartered in Horsham USA and with over 80 years of business experience, NCO Group is an international leader in providing business process outsourcing services specializing in on receivable management, customer relationship management and other support office services. NCO Group call center operates in over 100 locations in 11 countries across the world including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, the Caribbean, India, and the Philippines. Since its establishment in 1926, NCO Group has remained steadfast in its goal to increase its clients’ profitability by reducing operating expenses, improving cash flow management, and most importantly enhancing their customers’ experience.

The key services of NCO Group comprehensively cover the crucial stages of the customer lifecycle from product acquisition, product care, resolution, and customer retention. Using this mode, the company provides optimal delivery of service using state of the art proven technology with utmost efficiency and incomparable excellence.  NCO Group’s global network of 100 centers is integrated in a centralized data platform that allows for flexibility to respond to dynamic changes in the market and to level up or down its operations according to client needs. As a global leader in the BPO industry, NCO Group aims to establish quality partnerships and utilize its expertise to add value for its entire stakeholder.  Guided by its core values of integrity, teamwork and quality, it envisions delivering quality outsourcing services that is focused on the customer.  With its proven track record of success and reputation, NCO Group has become the leading choice for many companies’ BPO requirements.

A testament to the company’s leadership position in the outsourcing business, the NCO group services approximately 40% of the Fortune 500 companies in the world including the world’s leading retail brands and majority of the Top healthcare providers in the US. NCO Group call center also serves more than 800 academic institutions around the world, the biggest financial institutions in the world, as well as national and local governments. NCO Group promises its clients a growth in revenues through cost reduction and market improvement, better cash management, customer retention, more efficient operation and better returns for stake holders.

For career opportunities, visit NCO Group Philippines Job Openings.

NCO Group Call Centers are located in:


Ronaldo says: hi, i applied last week at NCO in ABS CBN and i passed the interviews and exams,but i failed the final interview because its more on technical issues. I just want to know if you can give considerations of having a chance to be a part of your company.maybe i can work as a customer service representative rather than TSR, I hope you will give way to my request. Thank you so much

very good

I have been following up on my backpay since October of 2006. It has already been more than a year since I left the company however up to this day, your site in the Philippines has not given me any feedback as to what has actually happened to my paycheck

i would like to thanks NCO/RMH for having a good company here in the Philippines! The management is good!! Keep it up! We really appreciate ur good service given to your employees!!

we looking forward for the commisions!! we hope it will be given to us updated!! anyway, this company is good!! Keep up the good job!!

i would like to thank this company for hiring me…but i would like to let this company where did they get the people from payroll, lots of disputes they don’t know anything about the job they have…and guys the commission is not that good and they take

so they think dey hve the edge bcoz nco’s big overseas well think again, its not about how big the co. you work for but the stability and the professionalism of the people you r in.

salary on one of the biggest accounts in this company; no career growth; payroll disputes every month;

how can i apply in your company.heres my email..thanks..looking forward to work there

walang problema sa company. malaki sweldo. dipende yun sa acct mo.

Disappointed and dissatisfied Outbound / Inbound agents of Sprint – Nextel account continued to RISE as well as the number of agents RESIGNING due to revised commission scheme, stiff quality measures, new policies being implemented

Mike we know you are doing your best to come up with the best solution to the crisis (Sprint – Nextel) that is acceptable both to the client as well as to your agents. Apparently the 3rd revision of the commission scheme is not acceptable

Surely the folks that posted on this site doesn’t truly think before they composed thier thoughts. if you have a great idea on how the commision structure should be then you should compose and provide it with management. make sure it’s benefiting the client


I feel sorry and sad for trusting NCO – Sprint/Nextel account i came from the latest wave of sprint agents who is now taking calls on the floor.

PANAWAGAN sa mga nananahimik na mga TM ng Outbound at Inbound. Naging ahente rin kayo tulad namin IPAGTANGGOL nyo naman ang karapatan namin. Ano sa palagay mo TMCHRM….ang lakas pa naman nating bumenta!!!

Sprint nextel agents the doors of teleperformance and etelecare are open wide to accommodate you with far better compensation and benefits. more than 15 agents from NCO including myself are now with them.

Fellow agent of sprint nextel i am deeply sad about your ordeal with your co. Im also an agent of the same account at etelecare. I would like to invite you to work with the best and be the best of yourself. etelecare no. 1 call center phils.

Believe it im a former NCO sprint nextel. Im now working at teleperformance and im a babe…monster seller!! Im telling you the commission is awesome and people here are PROFESSIONALS.

HEY FOLKS STOP IT! Mike Eric and Anjo are good and great people. They love you guys. You just don’t know it.

Call Center Agents when appyling for a job check-out and investigate the company.

Could somebody post on this site the email address of Sprint Nextel in the US? I would like to recommend them to visit this site and at the same time let them know our problem with the management of NCO which affects our performance.

NCO is a good company with a good pay, good company policies & regulations, good equipment, good facilities and good benefits. I encourage everyone to join us .

if you’re not happy with the pay or the management then resign. that will be big service to us who appreciate the system. AND YOU ARE NOT GETTING YOUR COMMISSIONS BECAUSE OF AGENTS WHO ARE DOING FRAUD.

one of the best call center here in the Philippines… good management and well deserved compensation..free meal every shift.good accounts specially GE COLLECTIONS were i came from. highest paid account and has a very good and approachable tm’s specially

Major reshuffle on Sprint account. Would that be an answer in a situation we are in now? I assure you that there will be a major change most specially in terms of QUALITY HIGH PERORMANCE of all agents. That if you to

i want to apply in your company sir/mam..,, im a skilled computer technician im undergrad but im a high skill computer technician im working as a on call technician for more than 4 years i can apply as an tech support in your company or any available p

hey there!! well i came from the account they are cursing.. SPRINT/NEXTEL.. now thanks goodness i’m now in a different account but still here in NCO.. as much as i want to also curse SPRINT/NEXTEL, sigh.. ayoko na lang magcomment.. as one of the previous

I’m one of the team managers in sprint nextel account who just resigned recently, part of the pioneer batch as well and a top seller then. the account is so good,but the upper management is not

i miss you mommy vhinnie!!!!!!

HOY! Kadalasan ng maraming reklamo, yung mga hindi nagpeperform! Kung ayaw nyo sa company, RESIGN wag nang umarteng parang maganda!!! At tsaka kung may reklamo kayo, kung di kayo DUWAG, sa HR kayo pumunta, hindi dito. Kayo ang walang kwenta. Lalong walang

maganda account ko MSN kaya wala me reklamo.magaling ung team manager namen.ang team building nga namen sa BEER HOUSE.eh haha bonding talaga.ung isa kong kaibigan.sumahod ng 20 thou.kinsenas niya lang un dahil sa incentive.wala akong balita sa SPRINT na p

tibak na mga agents sa nco ah.. kudos!

just want to give my side on NCO amazon UK acct were asked to go overtime 8 days manda OT for a day,, and at the end of the day ull get only 7k on ur pay??

NCO god company ..my friends stayed there 2yrs and they r now L2 tech , but i get more pay and less work than they get.. reason out guys

i was tryng to get my ATM and they had me waiting for abt 5 hrs due to the discrepancy of the recruitment..im a rehire suposedly madali n lng..but inangasan p ko nung s admin..all of tye upper guys in a call center doesnt get paid until ur agents got paid

we are treated like rats in amazon acct UK..1 hr manda OT a day + 2 days full manda OT for 8hrs,we worked 8 days for that particular time and yet u dont even see how ur agents need u??

over worked and underpaid thats what they do on the non premium accts like amazon and sprint..kc nman tehy earn a lot in collections 33% and commision s collections kaya ganun..and the company is pad dollars for the collections acct..

what can is say! if you’ve been assigned to a collections or a tech account then you’re life has been spared unlike in sprint which will definitely make your life miserable. i totally agree with the other comment here. collections is the best. chicken ang

oh i cant believe whyyou agents from there in NCo are having comments like this where in fact now in your Sprint account you are outperforming etel being the number for the very first time…isn’t that a great milestone on your account and on your program

making agents selling machines and then not giving agents the incentive they deserve. san kaya napupunta and binibigay na pera ng sprint for the agents???

honey, the reason y nco toppled etel in performance was due to the fact that tenured and hardwworking agents are on the frontline. they’re the blood of the account.

what we’re so disgusted about was the fact that we’re dying trying to beat etel in the performance but there are no initiatives from our mgt team to acknowledge us. we need money and not just plain recognition

birthday ko, i asked for leave one month in advance, di binigay, on my birthday I resigned, imagine yun birthday mo mamumura ka ng customer, consideration lang sana ng management di naman queueing

they hire trash of link2 support CAGAYAN DE ORO.reject in short

i worked in nco for 6 months and i really had a good time..the people are nice..you can befriend your superiors too!

im from a higher batch, ok naman sa sprint simula ng pagpunta ko dito, tama lang benta ko maganda commision ko. siguro di kayo talaga bumebenta kasi may kasama ako naka .4 siya laki ng nakuha niya bawas tax.


do they welcome agent from previous employer having same account ?

gnda ng comission pero tgal ibigay.. grabe.. mga 1 yr after p ata.. til now we’re stil waiting.. kktamad bumenta kung promises lng lge

Ang masasabi ko lang e msyadong pressure dito sa SPIB di man lang magapprove ng leave. Kylangan din naman namin ng break db?..

i would just like to ask about the training that im suppose to have this week. they said they will be sending me a follow up messageor a phone call but up to now i dont have my call or letter yet…

anyone? high TUC and low AHT at the same time? what do you think?

nco rocks… payroll sucks… each payout, you have to except that you’ll have dispute… you’re not normal if you don’t get a pay dispute every now and then… change those peeps please… they’re giving this company a bad name…

15k ang basic pero sobrang baba ng makukuha mu. then, walang benefits kundi 1 free meal a day. ok sana kung di “mysterious meal” o ma-food poisoning ka. hehe. tsaka talo ka sa benefits. it’ll take you 6 months bago bigyan ng benefits. at while ur in train

i was just wondering what’s happening right now in my previous account, SPIB. any takers? hhhhmm! i guess they’re still alive and kicking though not really satisfied with the way things are going especially with the commish and incentives. hahahah

matter of the fact is, agents ca live w/out Tm’s but tm’s cant live w/out the agents. agree??!!!

i have friends who’re promoted in SPIB as TM or QA and im happy for them though im not so sure about the competence of the other rep’s whom mgt promoted as well.

matter of the fact is, agents can perform even without the TM’s guidance as long as agents know what to do. on the other hand, a TM can’t work properly w/out the agents

used to work for these guys. It was fun at first kahit wala palang katuturan yung training dahil wala kaming ngamit sa floor..payroll sucks and 7 out of 10 TLs favoritism ang game..buti na lang sa matino ako napunta.. it’s not all bad guys, just be weary

I’m GARY DAVID, I was part of wave 1 outbound of SPRINT, I got promoted as TM when I transferred to SPIB, and I know some of you here knows me. Look, I already declared who the hell am I, I’m not scared and I don’t freakin care if I mentioned my name.Just

Agents who put the account in trouble are compromising the jobs of those who take their work seriously. Pera-pera na lang ba?

I am with NCO for almost 2 yrs now.I can say I am really hard working peep but at NCO there is no room for growth and san kau nakakita naung OM iquestion ung kinikita ng agents na “bakit saw mas malaki kinikita sa TM?”sympre idahil mern

Tapunan ng mga CC rejects ang Game console accnt sa NCO!Pakinggan nyo magcalls ang mga agent dun.Kay nmn take advantage ang higher management dahil alam nila those agents will take any crap 4rm them dahil they knw na hindi mtatanggap sa ibang CC ang mga w

Good benefits, mediocre management, salary depends on account. MSN pays best for L2. Lowest pay Dir. Asst.

ano naman ang masasabi kina TM Ingrid, TM Mark at SDM Rei mga TM sila sa Sprint Outboung…I wanna know mor about them….thank’s

di ka ba marunong kumilatis ng agent mo… cno ang maasahan sa hindi. You always make the wrong decision. XBOX let’s go of gud agents and they keep bad agents. I dont know why? Gud for me I already resigned….

TM Ingrid,TM Mark,TM Jaye,TM Rei,TM Gabby and OM Jerry…………….THE’RE THE BEST!!!Ãœ

Hi to GREEN BAY PACKERS of Sprint Outbound…Go! JULIET, MIC, MAU, MANE, TRICK, RIGZ, AJ, RUSTY, ARIANE, EVA, at TM INGRID! More Power! God Bless!

oo nga. walang halaga ang mga agents kapag walang benta imagine, to think na nakakabenta naman kami tlga mahirap lng talaga sa panahon ngayon mag papasup call ka labag pa sa loob.. para s

YUng mga nagtatanggol sa management, talagang youll GO PLACES sa Sprint

super petiks u dito, imagine pag nakabenta ka na sa isang araw pwede ka ng bumanjing kaso nga lang the dont understand the fact na hindi pasko araw araw

there is one TM sa SPOB that getting all the glory… Mahiya ka naman… u know urself…

gaano ba katagal ang hiring process dito? it’s been more than a week na since i was promised that last interview e.

well, what can i say to NCO? NCO is very stressful job… anyway, i WORK at NCO Financial at Montreal, Canada @ Fraud Dept. and CASH Dept of Capital One Late Stage… it is so stressful but all the benefits, salary, bonus…”worth it” not all supervisors

there’s a lot of good agents s sprint inbound n nasayang, agents responsible for making nco-spib #1 even outscored etelecare, nasan n sila? nagresign na! spib management! u dont know how to t’cre of ur employees!

Di naman lahat sa management ng spib sucks.Meron pa rin nmang matitino? Guys, be nice!

dalawa lang qualified na Operations Manager sa Sprint IB

i signed in as a technical support representative for xbox. later on, they told the agents that theyll be transferring those who came in last to collections. when we got to collections, grabe, mamatay na kami sa OT! they wouldnt care about your health. ba

The only OM na may utak at skills sa Sprint nilipat pa sa ibang account… wow naman

lipat daw tayo sa Verizon… parang North daw ang palakad

yeah naman, nag-iisang may utak at skills na OM sa Sprint nilipat pa ng inabng account.


OK na siguro dito sa NCO kesa sa TELEPERFORMANCE! puro dispute na nga mga hndi pa makatarungan ang management! walang awa magterminate ng daan-daang agent sa walang kadahil dahilanan! God! take note..200 agents ending their contract just because o

ang pangakit ng nco ung location, imagine ur working at the same building where celebrities are? hahaha…db,db

may sprint IB p pla s nco.. lapit n mapullout yan.. im sure

haloo there,,just droppin by..actually im just concerned sa SPOB..were drifting aprt guys,dahil sa kalokohan ng ibang agents

i would like to apply here in this company as an directory assistance agent but if the company is not that good as it was shown to the public. I think eventhough the requirment for the applicants is not that hard to be posses by the applicant we should be

karamihan ng mga agents dito from UP kaya puro reklamo .. hehe..

CALIFORNIA wave 1 and 2 the best in the west! un mga bago la yan mga latak na yan.. tag salo ng problema ng SPIB.. hehehe!


im part of wave 31 and im in team newyork,i dont have any problems with nco,but i need to resign.cause my tm is nice tm and his the best,but the thing is im inconsistent.im not performing/stats its not good. and im very ashame to my tm cause he has a lot

solid kaya team california… Sr. Operations Manager na kaya TM namin

spib agents nagkakalat s sykes- expedia ngayon!

If you want the agents to stay! ibalik nio na yung dating commision scheme! Imagine, mas malaki pa yung min. fare sa jeep kesa sa unit na binebenta mo. Anu ba yan!


North Division, the best group in SPIB

jow mapue is the best OM sa Sprint noh…

napakalaki mgtax s company n to… ung tax mo s isang buwan pwede nang bumuhay ng pamilya… 18k sweldo mo ang take home mo lng 12-13k…

hay NCO days…. ung ga kaba moments hahaha sobrang yabang ng tm ko jan kaya ako nag resign…..

i beg to disagree… if you’re taking about Verizon ITM Sr. Operations Manager. He replaced the former SDM kasi magaling sya. He was the best OM sa Sprint IB kaya he was promoted. Talking about commissions… baka di ka makabenta kaya ka walang commission

i agree, SOM Nick is one of the best OM sa NCO. Kaya nga ako nagreisgn kasi nilipat sya. and ayaw nman kmi palipatin sa Verizon

Verizon Sales ang pinakamaayos na sales account sa NCO. in all fairness… good decision na palitan yung dating OM.

Ayus incentive ng Verizon, may laptop, lcd, iphone to win every week. Panalo pa mga TM labas yung TM sa closing shift.

NCO-TCC at the Fort is so much better…

nice facilities.cool people.great managers. NCO-TCC. NCO at ABS?

Aegon at the fort is so much better now with Myke guerra there. don’t you agree VM peeps? buti na lang wala na ang feeling magandang SOM.


ok ba ang email support dito?

totoo ba na pag konti emails eh papasagutin ng calls?

Its been a month since I applied here.. Can somebody tell me if do I still have to wait their call for my final interview or that means that Im failed?

If they ask you to come back at a different day after your final interview then you’re hired. Call? You failed to get the job. All workplaces have annoying people in it, no matter what you do or where you transfer.

hello…i just applied here last day at quezon city peso job fair…and i pass the exam and the interviewed..and they told me that after two weeks they’re going to call me back for the details for training….i just want to know if it’s really true that t

Hi guys! I’m from WAVE 2 one of the top seller of Sprint/Nextel outbound. As far as I can remember masaya sa wave namin. walang siraan at very supportive ang TM’s kaya masarap bumenta. Nag resign ako kasi natanggap ako sa job na related sa course ko. Sa s

ok ang agents/friends sa DA, talo sa pagod dhl wlang incentives, night diff lng chaka basic… shocks… pano kaya kmi mabu2hay s ganong sweldo…if i wer u, ill apply sa XBOX,daming incentives.kaya d ako maka-alis,mbait ibang TMs & friends ko dun.

totoo ba na magkakaron site NCO sa SM Fairview?


Good day Sir/Madam! I would like to ask if the company is still hiring? Yours truly Ms. Liezl C.

according to what i read about the company, i think that services of the compny was good.. tahnk you for giving a chance.. thank you for calling me up..

u can easily call me nd im open 4 a phone interview u can call me at 09159868585

I took the tests and interviews on Apr 28 and passed; had the final interview the next day and passed it as well; said they’ll call me in 2 days for the job offer but they never did; can’t get through their phones; followed up personally twice. I don’t th

bakit ganun? nakapasa naman me sa operations interview for tech position, tapos ittxt daw me kng kelan ung job offer ko, ina-update naman nla me thru text kaso ang sbi puro next wk nxt wk, ano ba yan?

meron din sa Verizon nyan, TM nga lang. Buti nga wala na sya sa HSI. Ober da bakod lang ng BZ.

how much is the salary for a QA analyst? do u know if they have a bond?

nco has just opened and inaugurated its new site in blue wave, marikina.

well wat can i say??? Im AJ soriano from SPIB and i dont give a damn care sa inyong lahat!!!! basta ako maganda stats ko and kayo HINDE!!! hahaha

well wat can i say!! im aj soriano from SPIB and all i know is masmagaling ako sa inyong lahat dahil sa stats ko!!! kayo walng kwenta haha

is this group handing sprint wave 17?

I just want to share my experience during the time I applied at NCO QC. Most of the recruiters were nice and approachable but there was one person by the name of Madz who was not very accomodating and was not nice to some applicants. I just want to let th

I am an HR practitioner and reading comments of “unsatisfied” or shall we say “disgruntled” current/former NCO guys, makes me wonder what really is wrong with NCO HR, if any.

ive heard a lot of positive feedbacks bout nco and im interested to try it …….. i want to know a lot more …… more power


Hi…I was interviewed last friday, january 8 for Amazon Account…they said I passed the interview and I just have to wait for the text para sa schedule ng training ko.Unfortunately, up until today, no text from them. Iwas thinking tuloy if they really considered me or not. Knowing that some of my co applicants who seem to be under my level, received the text and now started training…How come??

Hi everyone! I had applied in the company, and passed the interviews and tests. The HR’s in the company are very much accommodating and kind. Even though I made some mistakes in my pronunciations and stuffs, they accepted me in.

I just read one of the comments here.. is it true na magkakaron ng site ang NCO sa SM Fairview.

Maganda sa NCO.. Avoid the Sprint account..

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  1. nicko Reply

    Hi, nag-apply po ako sa NCO last sept 27. I passed the 3 phases interview then nung gabi may 2 nagcall for simulation test. Yung last caller sabi nya, just wait for another call from my co-league. Dont worry, if you didnt received a call tonight, you will receive a call within this week. I dont understand. Kelan ba malalaman result if passed or failed ka.

  2. gin Reply

    hi i apply for csr last week in the mall….dinala kami sa q.c ave sa nco fr initial interview….among 20 applicants sa 20 interview tatlo kami natira and sabi nung foreigner na nag interview samin eh tatawagan daw kami next week para sa interview ulit at mabasa kami ng movie books at manuod ng mga film….sabi nila 1 day process lang yun bakit kami pinababalik pa?…

  3. Emman Reply

    Hi, I’m Emmanuel Ambuyoc, I applied here in NCO PHILIPPINES CLARK last August 28, 2014 nag conduct kse sila ng jobfair here in Jollibee Ulo ng Apo, Olongapo City. Naipasa ko yung unang interview kaya pinag exam ako. After nmin mag exam, tatawagan nlang daw kami uli for next interview wala dw po kse yung mag iinterview nung mga oras na yun. Nextweek dw po sabi ni Ma’am bka makatanggap na kami ng tawag pero hanggang ngayon wala pa. Dko po alam kung nakapasa ba ako sa exam or may next interview pa? Umaasa po ako na tatawagan ako for next interview dahil gusto kong magkatrabaho/magtrabaho as a call center agent. Godbless

    From Olongapo City

  4. Enrick Reply

    Ang laki ng tax na binabawas sakin pero pag chineck mo na yung company profile mo , Wala akong Tin Number , Bakit po ganon ?

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