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NCR Cebu Development Center

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Experience of a new world of Interaction, NCR (National Cash Register Company) Cebu Development Center is a company which revolutionized how the world connects, interacts and transacts with business. Its history can be traced way back in 1884 when John H. Patterson founded the National Cash Register Company, and invested the first mechanical cash registers. NCR Cebu Development was also the first to design electric cash register as well as first automated credit systems, among many others. With over 125 years of business and continues, the company continuous to be at the avant garde of innovation to push the boundaries of technology for self-service, assisted-service and point-of-sale solutions. At the moment, NCR is the leading ATM machine provider with best Technology, Security and Software for retail banking in the world. NCR has led in defining what convenience means in the modern society.

Among the services of NCR (National Cash Register) Company in Banks, Credit Unions included Banking Services, Branch Transformation, ATM, Banking Software, ATM Security, Enterprise Management, Cash Dispenser ATM machines, Deposit ATM machines, Cash Management Solutions, Mobile, Online Banking and Marketing, Converging Channels. In cinema industry, it provides POS Hardware and software, Cinema Management Software, POS Peripherals, Specialty Devices and Cinema Digital Signage. For Event-based Venues, Stadiums, it provided POS Terminals for Event-Based Venues, Venue POS Software, Venue Management Software, Venue Menu Boards and Digital Signage and Cloud Services. For department and specialty store, restaurants and other service companies, it provides Retail Services, Retail Point of Sale (POS) Terminals Scanners, Printers and Retail Peripherals. For Payment and Imaging, it offers Central Bank, Clearinghouse Solutions and Commercial Bank Solutions. In the travel industry, it provides POS system in airline, airport, hotels, etc. Finally in Interactive Printer Solutions, NCR provides 2ST Two-Sided Thermal Printing, NCR Sticky Media, Label Products, Imaging Supplies, Paper Rolls, Specialty Media Products, Batteries, Consumables Management, Interactive Printer Solutions in Regions and Cleaning Programs.

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