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Negotiate your Job Offer

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Negotiating is the process of getting the best out of something. In negotiating for a job offer, it means getting how much you are worth. In literal terms, it means getting the highest salary rate that one can get and getting the best benefits that one can get. In symbolic terms, it means getting the things in the job that will make you and your family happy.

Negotiating however is not easy as one two three. It’s a skill the one can develop through training and experience. Unfortunately, not all of us have the muscle like the Godfather who can negotiate an offer that no one can refuse. Nevertheless, hereunder are some tips to negotiate.

Let employer fall in love with you. Before even starting to talk about money, show the employer how much you are worth by impressing employer in the way one talks or in showing knowledge or in showing one’s determination and positive outlook in life. One you get the boss under your thumb, let the employer initiate the talk about money matters.

Do not negotiate. Negotiation is a battle of wits. The best way to win a battle is to let your enemy think that they are winning or you are not fighting. Do not demand. Instead, suggest. Do not ask for something, instead advise. Unless employer tells you to cut the crap and get into the point, then break it to him or her gently.

Deal in packages not in details. Most people usually focus on negotiation salaries or compensation alone and neglecting the whole package which included other benefits (transportation, allowances), working conditions (own office), one’s role (is it limited to consultation?), etc. In negotiating the whole package deal, one should clearly identify one’s goals, which should nevertheless be objective. For instance, proposing a salary that is way beyond the industry standards is like shooting rubber bands to stars. One should also look after one’s growth in the company. Will this job add to one’s continuous professional growth or will it stagnate one’s career development? In which case, one needs to consider the inclusion of training.

Do not lay all your cards. Negotiating is like playing poker. There is always a tinge of deception. What is important is not that you are honest. What matters is that the other party believes in you. The only thing that one should be honest about is that you can deliver the service expected of you or what you promised. If you can do that, then everything else is as good as it gets.

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