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Nesic Philippines

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Nesic Philippines Inc. (NPI) is a company which is held privately and is recognized for its focus in providing full turnkey system design, integration and implementation of infrastructure of telecommunication and information systems. The company was founded in 1991 in the Philippines as a subsidiary of NESIC Japan as part of its business strategy worldwide. NPI”s office is situated in Makati City, with a branch office in Cebu wherein the premier business district in the south of the country is located.


Telecommunications Infrastructure
Nesic has the proficiency and the exceptional familiarity when it comes to design and construction of the infrastructure and facilities of telecommunications. This is across multi-vendor platforms on either a per project basis of on a full arrangement of turnkey. The company provides services for both wireless and wired technologies.

Integrated Information and Communication Network Systems
This product is provided by the company under the direction and backing from NESIC Japan. The company has the innovative proficiency when it comes to information as well as network integration for both industrial and office environments. Through this, along with the suitable solutions both hardware and software, the company intends to succeed in a complete and combined facility management in one flawless operation.

Operation and Maintenance
The company understands the demand for a high dependable systems that functions at maximum level. Thus, it provides an after sales support services to its clients to avoid downtime. This service includes:
– Performance monitoring
– Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Services
– Fault isolation and Troubleshooting

Engineering Support Center
The engineering services of Nesic Philippines varies from design, systems configuration to execution and are delivered to provide NESIC Japan the following:
– Railway Communication Facilities
– Plant Facilities
– Airport Communication Facilities

As a company that continues to expand, Nesic Philippines is constantly in search for individuals driven by passion and professional initiative to work with them. Currently, they are looking for a female applicant that will fill the post of Junior Accountant.

Nesic Philippines believes that every individual has a potential talent to unleash, and therefore, it gives various opportunities for career growth for its employees. Furthermore, it also believes that its employees are its greatest asset, and so the company makes sure that its people are well taken care of. If you seek development, both career wise and personal, then this is your chance to be part of a company that provides just that.

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