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Netpromedia Inc. is an outsourcing company that provides BPO services to global clients. It is servicing the global operations, technical, media and business analysis needs of European based company specializing in digital advertising network. It is an advertising, marketing, promotion, and public relations outsourcing company.

It provides great Adwords, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization professionals that would surely help you advertise your businesses in the most effective and efficient way possible.

High standard advertising services but much lower expense cost. This does not short change you when you avail their services in promoting your company. They have done it for so many years already. Rest assured that your company will get lots of traffics and be known tremendously.

Premium treatment and relationship building with its customers. You will surely be served with high premium treatment by Netpromedia staff. They do ensure that they can deliver what your business needs are.

Why should you join Netpromedia, Inc.?
Joining at Netpromedia is a wise decision that you can make. Netpromedia values its staff the same as they value their client partners. Some of the benefit packages that you can have when you work at Netpromedia are the following:

Be trained and upgraded with the latest development in your industry
Just compensation and benefits that would surely afford you to have a good lifestyle
Have a healthcare packages such as dental services and good Health Maintenance Organization provider that would protect you and your family in times of any untoward sicknesses or illnesses
Be in a good working environment. This is one of the reasons why employees stat in their companies; they just can’t leave because of the perfect working mate and working set up that would help you boost your morale and become best at what you do good.
Skills, personal, and career development
NetProMedia Philippines call center office address:

  • NetProMedia Makati
    Rufino Tower
    Ayala Ave, Makati City

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