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Network Processing Associate Job

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Network Processing pertains to the processing e.g. transfer or moving of data that occurs in different network systems. For instance, in the Internet both for the WAN/LAN, network processing is involved in the packet switching and routing of data to the different servers and clients computers. This is also used to balance load in web servers bridge communications in VoIP Gateways.

Network processing is also involved in telecommunications companies in processing the network of cellular sites used in routing mobile telephone calls. And since network processing involves data transport or movement, it inevitable involves in data security. Security in network processing is handled with the use of firewalls, which helps filter unauthorized access, the use of VPN or virtual private network, which is an exclusive pipeline in the network for use of a certain company, encryption or the conversion of data into unintelligible data while on transit to prevent others from understanding it if captured along the way; and access control, which can be facilitated through password control features. Network processing also involves storage area networks (SAN) or exclusive network that offers access to merged data storage for a particular company.

Network Processing Associates are workers who handle and facilitate all these network processing assignments. In the call center industry, the work may sound complicated but it simply involves routing or switching data particularly order and inquiries of clients usually, telecommunications companies. The work may also involve monitoring and traffic shaping.

Applicants to this job should be preferably be an IT graduate who is knowledgeable with IP Networking. However, this is not really that necessary because the work does not really entail some technical analysis or operation. A network processing associate can thus be open to fresh graduates or entry level applicants because training anyway will be provided by the company.

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