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What is Network Processing Associate?

Network processing associates is a support function in a company typically engaged in the technical troubleshooting of network problems involving packet switching or the digital data transfer via the network infrastructure which includes isolating and fixing problems in a internet cable or the particular network equipment (router, modems, switches, etc).

Network Processing Associate is also responsible for configuring and maintaining firewalls and other devices used to detect security threats such as intrusion, hacking and virus attacks. In the call center industry, the networking processing associate can refer to a technical support representative providing service on the troubleshooting of network problems. Thus, this agent usually handles accounts that pertain to telecommunication companies and internet service providers.

In lieu of the specialization required for the job, an ideal candidate for a network processing associate would be a person with a degree on B.S Electronics and Communication Engineering. IP networking is a necessity as well as technical understanding of how IT networks work. A technical experience would definitely be an advantage. Moreover, the position equally demands for the applicant to have proficient English communication skills, in order to convey information at the clearest and simplest manner to lay people or users. One must also have strong problem-solving and analytical skills, in order to easily identify problems in the network, without having personal empirical observation of the physical infrastructure.

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