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Newton Integrated Solutions

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Newton Scanning Systems Inc. was founded in the middle of 1994 under Newton Integrated Solutions, regulated by an expatriate engineer coming from Spectra-Physics. The company is dedicated in provided world class quality service by means of timely delivery of technologically innovative products, precise and receptive assessment through exceptionally professional and talented people, and therefore shares to global competence and productivity.

Newton Integrated Solutions product line is composed of a wide-ranging list of equipment from market leader, with reliable and reputable brand names and barcode label printers, thermal transfer, printing software, barcode verifier, scanners, labels, ribbons, and data collectors. By means of this variety of equipment, the company also delivers its clients the expediency of a one-stop solutions of all their system needs.

The company has founded a strong and reliable relationship with its suppliers and also, with other leading brands in the industry. Aside from this, the company’s Technical, Support and Sales Teams were perceptively updated both with local and overseas trainings that enabled them to deliver precise evaluation of the clients’ needs and succeeding solutions recommendation to innovate fresh, unique products; it will intend to improve a variety of applications for a continually changing market place.

Furthermore, the company also aims to deliver systems that enables the clients and businesses to save time and labor while keeping the rapid growing level of profitability and security. Newton Integrated Solutions owns label-converting factory. The raw materials that the company utilizes are coming from manufacturers overseas. The company customizes blank labels to match all types of barcode printers for different applications. Also, the company gives its clients barcode printing services.

Newton Integrated Solutions envisions to support its Market Leadership in the Automatic Identification Technology and Card Printing Devices by means of presenting advanced barcode equipment, data capturing solutions, card printers and others. In addition to this, the company also intends to be an essential part of every organization’s business solutions that will increase their productivity in the lively and stimulating trends of the IT technology.

The company’s objective also include establishing customer loyalty through the advancement of the provision of customer value and customer leadership quicker, better and more wholly than its competitors.

Currently, it seeks for talented individuals to hire, develop and train so that they can be part of a diverse team of professionals of the exceptional caliber.

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