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Nex2global is a company that is recognized for its online marketing business, focusing on providing operative customer service, Facebook and blog creation. This is along with control for mobile applications in a lesser cost. The company addresses its audience’s needs and demands through interaction and communication by means of social media platforms such as Facebook, e-mail and Game Stores, and also, through publishing educational posts with images to aid in the enhancement of their product experience. Nex2global Philippines is in these methods that the company can competently promote the product and acquire loyalty from the customers. Furthermore, Nex2global also offers viral marketing service that absolutely helps in the marketing activities of the clients’ products simply because they will be seen across the web. Apart from all of these, there is also promotion planning, implementation and management that aims to gather fresh users and keep them. The services of Nex2global, by means of verified and recognized, continually evolves to give way for new and advanced method in the market.


Customer Service
Nex2global believes in what many people say that “customers are always right.” Therefore the company also believes that what the customers have to say is essential in a thriving application. Whatever it is that users have to say, may it be comments, suggestions, opinions and queries – Nex2global makes sure that they are being heard and addressed.

Facebook Management
Almost everyone these days has a Facebook account. This is one of the tools recognized to be accessible and convenient when it comes to acquiring information. Thus, this is an excellent way to allow the users know, and the potential consumers as well about the latest news on the clients’ app, and provide them the tips and proficiencies.

Acquiring exposure for the clients’ application all over the web is made possible by going viral. Nex2global will let the people about the app through the different existing online communities.

Promo Planning
Promos are another excellent way to retain the current users involved, and it is also a great help in acquiring new users. allow them to have fun in and out of your app by means of promo planning.

Nex2global is a growing company that is in constant search for highly qualified professionals who can be part of their exciting workforce. Currently the company is looking for people who can fill the Marketing Staff job.

Nex2Global Philippines call center office address:

  • Nex2Global Ortigas
    22/F Jollibee Plaza Condominium
    Emerald Ave., Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines

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